Blessed day, sun meets eyes

Brightened smile, clear blue sky

Blessings many, water calls

Board in hand, temptation falls

Under foot, toes and sand

Water’s edge, no more land

Into the deep, sea of blue

God gives all to me and you


First stroke, hand meets sea

Glorious days, given to me

Second stroke, paddle hard

Ocean deep, the surfers yard

Water rises, walls that fell

Life is short, live it well

Paddle farther, sea of blue

God is good, this is true


Waves reach higher, horizons fade

A debt this day, never repaid

Farther, faster, deep I speed

Deeper, further, my calling need

Until that moment, perfect spot

Waiting waves, right one caught

Scan horizon, Wall of blue

God is good, each wave anew


Onward, upward, to wave crest

One swift kick, push off chest

Body rising, surfboard diving

Into the wave, always driving

Speed, speed, I feel the need

Racing to shore, waves we read

Shoreline comes, below still blue

God gave this day, the surfers ado


Shoreline approaches, way to fast

The ride forever, it cannot last

A moments joy, surf give flight

Power of water, eternal might

It ends now, as all things do

Waves don’t end, this is true

The next one waits, in the blue

In surfing god says, I love you

Time to catch the next wave…