A call to action

To our vets this salute is for you.

This week I am in Cabo San Lucas at a Pro-Am invitational event. Seven of the world’s best pro-surfers are here. I’ve committed to giving 100% of any profit from winnings to the Barbers point US vet center in Oahu. They feed and shelter vets in need. 

They also provide medical care and psychiatric care to our vets.

These are the only people I owe anything too as they have said yes to ensuring my personal liberties are protected. They stood to serve and now I’m proud to stand in support. I’d ask you to help too.

Find your local vet center and ask what you can do to help. Many need help fixing things. From a new roof to lawn maintenance. Every minute you donate of time saves them money they can spend on our vets. If you have no time maybe money donations to help. If you have no time or money help spread the word to those who may.

Suicide is extremely high among our combat vets. Sometimes shelters like these are the last stop and that one vet they are forced to turn away is at risk. Your help with time and money might just save a life.

It doesn’t take long to be a hero to the real heroes of our time. They are proud, honorable and decent people. People who love their country and swore an oath to protect and serve. It’s one I’ve learned from the vets I know that never stops.

If you have cheered me on or supported me. I’d ask you to get involved. Help me by helping them. They are all worth saving, they are all worth loving, and they are certainly worth the kindness.

As of this writing I am in 4th place. My sponsors have offered to match my donation. My father in-law will match it a second time. There are hundreds of underfunded and overwhelmed veteran centers nationwide. It’s time no vet knows hunger, goes without medical care, or sleeps in the cold.

Get involved and say thank you to our vets. The smile you get back is more than payment enough. I give much of my time and money to these centers. Together we can fix the problems and make a brighter future for many who fought for what so many take for granted.


To our vets. Thank you, I love you and may God bless you. Be safe and know there are those who know what you’ve gifts you are. I stand now because you stood for me!