Here’s a story of people claiming to be respectful and yet actually being judgmental. Her name is Jackie. She says things like:


Our conversation that she joined began with this:


And this:


Wow so nice of her.

In the group conversation she discovered I was a stripper at one time.

She asked why I stripped I said I worked my way through college stripping. God gave me a body to use as a tool so I used it.

She asked about what I do now and I told her I am a surfer and a model.


Here is where I’ll pause.

  • I choose to surf and model because I like doing it.
  • Not all models are nude models (I’m not)
  • Not everyone feels nudity is a bad thing
  • Not everyone is ashamed of their body or the bodies of others

Modeling pics I’ve been paid for:

Sure looks like I’m exploiting my body!!!  Damn!

So she doesn’t like me surfing and modeling. She feels I can do “better”. I’ve made 90k in the first 3 months of this year and enjoyed doing it. Add in my part time programming work I’ve broken 100k in 3 months!

Is it work? Yes!

The schedule is grueling, I have to stay in top shape because competing at this level is intense, and there is lots of travel. On the plus side. I love doing it. I’d stay in shape anyway. And the travel is something I’ve always dreamed of as well. I am living my dreams right now. So “could” I do something besides surf and model? Yup and I do. I still work hourly writing software on the side. Yup I have a bachelors of science in Information Technology CyberSecurity. I also have a bachelors in Psychology and am pursuing a masters and perhaps a doctorate. So could I do something besides model? Yupper I could.

The question is why would I?

How many people can say they are doing exactly what they love and dreamed of doing? I can.

Back to our talk. She asked why I stripped and I said frankly the money. I made over 250k a year for 5 years stripping. To which she asked:


I answered her. My beach house in Hollywood Florida worth today a half million dollars. My condo in Hawaii worth over 300k and when I graduated college I had no debt, a new car I owed cash and nearly 1 million in the bank. Technically mutual funds. Today that number is MUCH higher plus I have a retirement account which I always max out. Being self employed as a surfer I am incorporated and will save a ton this year in my retirement.

Back to stripping.


Here is her “respectful” of others choices now.

She of course blocked me then went on to still talk behind my back.


What did she say and of course behind my back after blocking me?


Sorry ma’am that MY life and MY choices do not meet with your condescending prejudice. Sorry you believe a woman can’t use the assets god gave her to get ahead and still hold true to HER personal morals. What is sad is your lack of respect for all people and their own morals.

You claim to respect all religions and people yet become petty and judgmental so easily. I feel sorry for your closed mind. What is sad is you can’t see that since I was 18 I have made my own way. Yes I stripped and I saved a vast percentage of that money. I invested in a home and saved for my future and that of my son.

While you were so busy judging my choice to strip and now surf and model you missed me entirely. A woman who survived a brutal rape and beating, who was impregnated and choose life anyway. A woman who has a grown son, and adopted a beautiful little girl. A woman who has given 10s of thousands of hours of her time and even more in the form of money to women’s shelters, veterans charities, children’s charities  and teen crisis centers. A woman who always helps those in need. A woman who was born deaf and overcame all the odds life threw at her and is still standing. A woman who is a good mother, good wife and a great friend.

I am self sufficient, raise my son without welfare. I’ve paved my own road in live with the tools I have. Using your body is nothing new by the way. Men and women do it all the time as Brick layers, soldiers, auto mechanics, and other physically demanding jobs. That is using your body. So is stripping and there is no shame in it. God gave it to me, it’s one of his gifts.

Yup you’re judgement throws out everything that is me because you can’t comprehend a woman making a choice to strip, surf or model.

So what Is truly sad? Close minded judgmental people who miss the entirety of a person because they can’t understand everyone has different morals, beliefs, and concepts of self and body. They do this all while claiming to be open minded, respectful, and accepting you prove to be contrary to your claims.

They have a name for that Hypocrite.

Peace and love, your lose not mine.