Here is the story:

I would like to address the remarks made by representative named Corey Williams. But a few things required before delving into the story.


First and foremost:


I believe in a person’s own right to choose for themselves what they believe. The issue of abortion is very politically and personally charged. But I believe that every woman should be equipped with all the available knowledge and should make the best choice for herself and solely based on her own morals. That does not mean I believe in abortion on demand, but I do believe since it’s the law of the land that a woman should be given the knowledge of all of her options. That means every legal option available to assist her in making her own personal choice.


I do believe our choices in life have consequences and if you chose to have sex that one of the potential consequences is you could become pregnant. But we’re not really talking about choosing to have sex we’re talking about rape and incest at this moment.


My “very personal” belief in the matter of abortion is that it is wrong and you are killing another human being. I am “personally” pro-life but that is my choice based on “MY PERSONAL” morals. It is not necessarily your choice. I’ve highlighted my and personal because it is my choice and my personal morals. I do not believe I am your judge nor is it my right to dictate my morals on to anyone else. So I am pro-life when it comes to “MY” choices, “but not yours!


I do believe there’s a significant difference between rape and consensual sex and anybody who doesn’t is being foolish.


So for me very personally I would never kill a baby that’s growing inside of me. No matter how it got there. And I’ve demonstrated that through my life and my son Josef; who was conceived in rape. I choose life!


But my personal religious beliefs also tell me not everybody has the same morals as me. For them and abortion is not murder and I am no one to judge nor am I here to tell you what you can and cannot do. Abortion is legal by law. And though it is man’s law even Jesus said “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is Gods” he answered the question about following man’s law very clearly.


Luke 20:25 He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

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Second on the matter of rape:


If you have never been raped then shut the fuck up about it!


Because you could never ever understand what it does to a person who has been raped. I can explain it till I’m blue in the face to you but unless you’ve been raped you will never fully understand just how devastating rape can be.


In the case of my rape I was raped by those men. That was my rape. Though it felt like I was raped again at the hospital with the photos, the evidence gathering and the poking and prodding. Had they forced me to have or not have that baby it would have felt like I’ve been raped by the justice system as well. Three traumas do not make a right. You cannot rape me with your will or your morals. And in essence a law which would take away that choice from a rape Survivor or an incest Survivor would be just flat out wrong.


I made the choice for “me” what was right for “me”. In my case all the doctors recommended that I have an abortion. They talked my parents into pressuring me to get an abortion and even my pastor came (at their request) to persuade me to have an abortion. When I made my choice and my parents back to me up the hospital call DHHS. Everyone was trying to “force” their will on me and I wasn’t going to be raped again by the system.


They tried to rape me of “MY” morals with their choice.


My rape robbed me of so many things. One of them was my right to choose whether I had sex or not. Another was my dignity, my pride and yes even my innocence. When they had to examine me at the hospital it certainly felt like I’ve been raped again. And now the doctors were attempting to rape me of my morals and my beliefs by forcing me to have an abortion which I didn’t want.


I would not wish that on anyone. And it is exactly why I will never ever tell YOU how you must choose.


No one should have their rights to religious freedoms and their own morals stripped from them by anyone. It is wrong to pressure someone to have an abortion as it is to deny a rape survivor an abortion when that is her choice.

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All that said I would not have made a different choice.


And now on to what I really wanted to talk about:


People are attacking this representative for his statement the God can take even rape or incest and turn it into something good and beautiful. Why do you feel the need to attack him for that statement?


His personal faith tells him this is truth. My personal experience tells me this is truth.


My son is the most precious gift I’ve ever been given. God took my rape and he gave me a child who loves me unconditionally. My son is a beautiful young man because his heart is big and caring. He’s intelligent and he he’s been going to school for robotics and wants to get a PhD in neuroscience as well. He wants to one day build prosthetics that are Bionicle and attached directly to the human body and the human nervous system.


He’s already got scholarships to go to UCLA, UHawaii, and Duke Medical School for some of his robotic designs and for a thesis he wrote. He’s been taking college courses while still in high school and some of his thesis is being used for some research at several schools today.


My son conceived in rape may one day help Superman walk again. Yes I know Christopher Reeves has died but it’s the idea so many hit still strive for. To one day help the crippled or the lane function on their own, fully independently. My son’s mind will be one of the minds that are driving this technology in the future.


From my rape came a gift not just to his mother, not just to the extended family, and certainly not just to those who know him. From my rape a gift to everyone was given a life known as my son Josef. And someday he will lead the way to a better life for more people.


I firmly believe the Josef is the beauty that has come from my rape. Did god cause my rape? No. Does that excuse my rape? No But god took my tragedy, my rape and I believe God did transform that event into something wonderful and miraculous.


And I am personally and example of transformative works. Besides my son my experience has driven me to help other women. I volunteer lots of time to the teen crisis centers in my area as well as local womans shelters. I also give generously to these same causes. My rape has helped others who suffer and that is beautiful.


My experience has driven me to pursue a degree in psychology where I hope to help even more people. That is the beauty that can come from even the most vile that mankind can dish out.


We are examples of how God can take a tragedy like rape and turn it to something wonderful and beautiful. He took mankind’s cruelty toward another and turned it into hope and love.


If you told me today you could change time and stop me from being raped I would say no thank you. All that that my rape took for me would not be worth losing my son.


So yes I firmly believe God can take anything that happens. That means any tragedy and he can show you how to get beauty from it. If he can transform my rape into the life I and my son live today then he can take anything that happens in our lives and turn them to something wonderful and beautiful and I am walking, living, breathing proof of that as is my son.


Now representative Williams and I disagree on legislating to take abortion away from a rape Survivor. I believe that should be an option. Because forcing a woman to carry a child conceived in such a violent and vile way as rape is wrong. He would be raping her of her own morality and freedoms. In the case of rape and incest the woman did not choose to have sex and she certainly shouldn’t be forced to suffer the consequences of pregnancy.


Why should she be forced to do anything by anyone after being forced into nonconsensual sex? Why should another be allowed to dictate morality and force it upon a victim who made no choices.


He is dead wrong wishing to strip rape victims of choices. Just as wrong as those who tried to force their values, morals and beliefs on me after my rape. He is not wrong in his belief that god can transform tragedy to victory, evil to good, or even rape to beauty. He is wrong in believing he can force his “personal morality” on others. Yet so many jumped on him about god and ignored everything else.


Why does the mention of god and his greatness send so many into a tantrum?



I have no problem with his faith or his belief in God’s ability to turn the worst events into a blessing, to turn evil into hope, life and love. I am living proof he can do just that. The place we disagree is on the ability he believes he has to force his own morality upon victims and force them to do his will. He might as well be preaching sharia where the rape victim must marry her rapist or be lashed and imprisoned. /smh