I finished first in Argentina! My best finish ever. The beach was a little dirty compared to most I’ve been to. But there were no real obstacles. So tomorrow we pack for Cuba! 12 days in Cuba including a mini vacation and then to Texas for a photo shoot for one day. Then home, sweet home.

I have a sponsor showing in April and a personal appearance or two but I pretty much have April off and that will be awesome. Rest and practice at home.

Next round of competition is in May. I’ll be bringing my son along to New Zealand and OZ. So today comes to a close and my first place is certain. My scores were awesome and the final is well into the 9.6s! Time to relax.

What a way to celebrate 1000 days. A first place win, awoken by my wife and feed a cup cake, a big breakfast, celebrations steak dinner and the love of family and friends. The perfect celebration from start to stop.

Thank you all so much for your help, your support, your cheers and your love. We did it!

Love always and forever,

I have received so many encouraging replies here, facebook, messanger, twitter, direct message, email and more. I can’t begin tobsay thank you all for the love. I know 3 posts in one day. ReallybI can’t say thank you enough.

Thank you for the love, the support, the encouragement, being involved, and helping me get to 1,000 days. It’s only fitting you get to celebrate with me. Have some cake, ice cream, a cigar or a beer. When you do remember we did it togehter. 

Love always,