I’m at an impasse and I have questions. At this stage of my life I’ve had men in my life before. I’ve heard the arguments about gay marriage one man one woman God intended it so you could raise your children together. If that’s truly all your God’s plan and why did he punish me?

I did the right thing. After my rape I was pregnant and I still chose life for that baby because I believe life came from God. But after having that baby God saw fit to take away everything it meant to be a woman. Why would he take that from me?
I did the right thing I chose life even when it was hard to choose life. And then he punished me and it took away my ability to choose the man that I wanted to make life with those men took my virginity and God took my ability to be a mother. Why did God punish me that way? Did I do the right thing and choosing life?

I do love my son and I love him with everything that I am. I live today because of him. I’ve said I would gladly give my life for him for me I don’t really want to live anyways so what kind of sacrifices.? Instead he asked me to live for him and I’ve chosen the Hard Road I’m alive today he wants me here.

So don’t think life and love AR Fair. I certainly don’t know why God would punish me what all I did was do the thing he told us to do and that was to Value the life gives us. Because I had been raped my parents raised my son I missed out on all those baby years.

I know those men stole my virginity and that should have been a gift for my husband. But why did God take my ability to give my husband a child from me? And all because I chose life for the baby he put inside me.

And you wonder why I say God is cruel.