1)      The pipeline was moved once. When Bismarck ND residents complained it would be too close to their water supply. It was moved away from their water supply and directly under the Standing Rock water supply.

2)      The lake Oahe was flooded when the army Corp of engineers built the Oahe Dam. 200,000 acres were lost of tribal territory underwater. The very territory they are trying to put the pipeline under now. Sovereign native territory!

3)      Ft Laramie treaty was found by the supreme court in 1980 to be:

a.       Still in force and enforceable

b.       To have been violated time and time again including the flooding and forced relocation of the Lake Oahe area.

4)      The Lakota and Dakota were offered more than a billion dollars compensation which was refused to maintain land rights and claims to land under the Ft Laramie treaty instead.

5)      This has nothing to do with money or greed and everything to do with fresh drinking water and land rights.

a.       Native land is considered a sovereign nation untouchable by the federal or state governments. It’s one reason native reservations (nations) cross state boarders.

b.       Many homes (as much as 50%) on Standing Rock do not have running water or electricity. Making this the ONLY fresh drinking water available to these residents. The rest have wells which rely on the aquafers below the lake for water.

c.       Buried beneath the lake are native holy sites and graveyards that will be further disturbed by this pipeline.

6)      The Standing rock tribe nor any Lakota or Dakota have asked for compensation in exchange to build the pipeline. They have asked and demanded the pipeline be moved.

a.       Moving the pipeline because it is crossing without permission sovereign native lands owned by treaty of this united states at Ft Laramie.

b.       We’ve already determined the Ft Laramie treaty remains in force and enforceable

c.       They wish their ancestors remains and holy sites be left unmolested by further US tampering

d.       They have asked that their life giving water used for drinking and crops be left unmolested by a pipeline which could someday leak and pollute that only source of fresh drinking water.

e.       Eminent domain does not apply here as the territory in dispute is sovereign Dakota and Lakota lands. These tribal lands are a separate government and not within US jurisdiction.

7)      Most of the violence has been against the native peoples. One two occasions the native people fought back by blocking access with barriers and setting fires. These were not assaults on people but a tactic to slow the advancement of militarized police.

a.       Police have used pepper spray, dogs, concussion grenades, batons, rubber bullets, water cannons (even in sub freezing temps), and Tasers to name a few

b.       They used these on fully unarmed protestors many women and children

8)      When police have been called they have always taken the side of the company

a.       Michelle was there when dogs were set upon the protestors. When she defended a very young child against a dog she was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and the dog owner (no charges)

b.       Michelle was pepper sprayed and struck with a baton while sitting peacefully in protest. Not like a single policeman couldn’t simply pick up and move a 120 pound girl who is just sitting there.

c.       Michelle in a separate incident was pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly by a policeman from behind. Again a policeman in full riot gear has to push and beat an unarmed 120 pound girl?

d.       In yet another incident Michelle was struck in the stomach with a baton because she stood still and and did not hear the policeman behind her screaming orders. (She is deaf DUH!)

e.       In the last incident she was Peper sprayed at point blank range while trying to get two Dakota children away from the oncoming riot police.

f.        These are just Michelle!

9)      I challenge you go visit Standing Rock and see these truths for yourself.

Despite the army corp of engineers ordering the pipeline stopped as they agree with the Dakota on many points including this is tribal land and the water is the only fresh water source for the reservation and some outlying towns. The army corp of engineers ordered the pipeline moved but when president Trump signed and Executive Order to resume the company did just that they resumed on the original course. The pipeline has NOT been moved as they were told to do.

Despite court rulings to stop the pipeline from tribal lands the company continues to press forward into tribal lands.

I am sure the president meant to continue the pipeline as approved and to be moved 70 miles from it’s current location. This is however NOT what is happening on the ground. If it was then the original standing rock camp which has been in the exact same place for many months would not have needed to be cleared.

We have family on the ground there. We are not relying on the news which has been biased against the Dakota and Lakota from the very start.

So I challenge anyone calling it fake news or not believing. Get on the ground and see for yourself!


If the police did to black lives matter what they did to Michelle and the Dakota/Lakota people you’d never hear the end of it. Thia is proof to me that our government is still at war woth the native people and don’t see them or treat them as people at all. This government has denied native rights over amd over throughout its existence. It’s clear to any just how low our government holds these people and how they are treated as subhuman even today!

This must change!