#WhyWeMarch #AllLivesMatter #TheUnbornMatter #MarchForLife

Today Pro-Life women will March in DC and elsewhere to bring the message that #AllLivesMatter and #TheUnbornMatter

Anyone who knows me knows I am Pro-Life. I’ve heard some pretty stupid arguments about how if I am Pro-Life I must also be Pro-FreehealthCare and Pro-FreeWelfare. Things like that, so let me explain why I am Pro-Life.

I believe all lives are special. I’ve already debunked the “It’s just a clump or cells” and “It’s the woman’s body” myths. That from the moment of conception to the moment of death the unique life-form is a human. That “clump of cells” is not cancer, will never become a fly, a horse, a skunk or a fish. It is and always will be a human at varying stages of development and will continue to develop until death.

I’ve worked in teen crisis centers and woman’s shelters for more than a decade. During that time I’ve had many women return and tell me they wish they’d never had the abortion. I’ve had a number of women tell me they suffered depression following the abortion. Statistics show 66 percent of all women suffer depression and regret following an abortion. Some show more than 2/3s.


Approximately 52 percent of the early abortion group and 67 percent of the late term abortion group met the American Psychological Association’s criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD).

A May 2010 study put out by researchers at the University of Manitoba in Canada found women who have had abortions are about four times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol as those who carried their pregnancy to term. The authors confirmed a link between abortion and the substance abuse issues.

“What is most notable in this study is that abortion contributed significant independent effects to numerous mental health problems above and beyond a variety of other traumatizing and stressful life experiences,” they concluded.

I’ve never had a woman return and say I wish I’d had the abortion. Not once!

My choice was  life even after rape! Because I firmly believe in the sanctity of life. I believe in the rights of the unborn human. Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are given by God and can not be taken by government.

I am not for the pretend rights like healthcare. And I am for welfare if it’s truly a hand up and not a vehicle to maintain poverty as it stands today. People don’t want a hand out but most will accept a hand up.

Here is what I have to say about government given rights. These can be taken away with laws including constitutional writes. Now I’ll elaborate.

Let’s talk about rights. I’ll take my right to bear arms has provided to me by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States as an example.

Because I have a right to bear arms shouldn’t the government have to give me a gun? The answer to that is no. Because with every Right comes responsibilities.

I am responsible for purchasing my weapon and then I am responsible for making sure that weapon is not used to violate anybody else’s civil (god given) rights. You have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and if my gun ever were to violate your right to life without probable cause (IE: The belief I’m in danger) then I am in violation of taking away your civil rights as describe by our declaration of independence as god given.

Along with the right to bear arms comes responsibility.

I have a responsibility to apply for the proper licenses and permits to purchase a firearm. I have a responsibility to then obtain any permits required should I wish to carry a firearm. I have a responsibility to be properly trained to carry that firearm. I have a responsibility to ensure that my weapon is used in a way that is safe and consistent with good practices that don’t place other persons in danger.

IE: I can’t go to the park and place my loaded gun in the middle of the field and let five-year-old play with it. That would be irresponsible and wrong.

I can also add my right to keep and bear arms taken away from me under certain conditions and certain laws. See if I’ve got in trouble for domestic violence they can and will take away my right to own a weapon. So your constitutional rights can still be taken away under certain circumstances on a permanent basis. Age does not matter when a constitutional right is revoked. It can be revoked from anyone of any age.


Let’s look at Healthcare.

Healthcare is not a right It’s a law. But if it were a right I would ask you what is your responsibility and under what conditions can we (the people or government) take away your right to healthcare?

Just like we can take away your right to keep and bear arms.

Let’s see things we know lead to bad health.

Are you responsible for never smoking because we know smoking causes bad Health?

Are you responsible for never drinking because we know drinking can lead to health problems?

Are you responsible to never ever do recreational drugs?

Are you responsible to run everyday or exercise and do the things you need to do to stay physically fit?

Are you responsible to eat right at all times and never partaken junk food?

Obviously these are meant as examples but the premise remains. To “earn and keep” the right to healthcare what is YOUR personal responsibility?

And under what circumstances can we take your right away. Because any right granted by the government can be taken away by the same said government. So what would your responsibilities be in order to have access to this right? At what point do you lose it forever just like you lose the right to keep and bear arms? And what other laws could dictate how and when and where you could access said right?

Because there are laws that tell me how I can and cannot use my gun so why wouldn’t it be the same to tell me how I can and cannot use my health care?

There are laws which govern what types of weapons I can own. So there should be laws to determine what type of healthcare I have access to as well now wouldn’t there?

Are you sure you want to go down this road and discuss Health Care as a right given to you by this nation?


So I am Pro-Life but that’s because I believe in the individual’s rights not the rights the government determines you may or may not have. I have the right to pursue happiness, live my life and love my liberty. Liberty itself is defended as self-governing “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.” It’s personal responsibility for myself and for you that I support.

All while believing with all my heart that life from the moment of conception is precious and has bestowed upon it “god’s given rights”.

WhyWeMarch? Because every life has a right to live.

Why it’s not a woman’s choice? Because outside of rape or incest she made a choice to engage in sex. THAT was her choice. Everything that follows could be a violation of the civil rights of another human being.

I choose life even after rape. I haven’t ever regretted that choice. For me there was never an alternate choice. Not one I could live with myself over.