For those without the back ground you can find that here.

Inside my dreams,

In the past I’ve had very few dreams. All of them were “impossible”. I knew I’d never see my dreams as reality. But I choose to chase them and push for them anyway.

They were simple dreams.

A whole me, my own face.

I dreamed of a whole me, my own face. Doctors told me the damage was far to extensive for anything they could do. Doctor after doctor said they couldn’t help and that what I had with the prosthetic and makeup was the best I could hope for.

Yet I dreamed of a day when I’d wake and not need to put on my face. A day free of fear of being out and my face falling off. A day when I look in the mirror and see the me I was before they stole my face.

That dream has fallen to reality. I now have a 24 hour face that is 100% me and real. I still sometimes panic and reach for my prosthetic and I smile each time I realize it’s not there. That “impossible” dream through faith alone has proven possible.

No more nightmares or daymares.

I dreamed of a day I’d be free of my nightmares and even the daymares. While I can say I still at times get triggered, I still sometimes have the daymares. I am now free of the nightmares.

It’s been a very long road. Another dream they said was likely impossible. Yet here I am now another impossible dream and it’s nearly completely fallen as well. I can say I believe now what I used to pray for. I believe that an end to these daymares will also fall to reality.

I’d dream of a day I surf.

I dreamed of surfing for a living, of meeting many who had inspired me. Not only in the sport but in life. I have meet many of them now and today I am on track and living this dream. One I wouldn’t have dared attempt without the others becoming reality.

I’ve meet Bethany Hamilton who I learned never to be afraid from. I read her story long before her movie. For those who don’t know her the movie is called Soul Surfer. If you wanted a better definition of soul surfer as the surfing community know it. Check out Bethany’s page for that and more of her movies. Needless to say surfing is her passion. It’s mine too.

The way she bounced back from tragedy is an inspiration. Now that I’ve meet her in person I understand the inner strength that drives her. I guess it’s the same that drives me. Faith.

This is yet another dream smashed. Another impossible long shot in my life.

I attribute the impossible to god. Man told me it was impossible and faith and hope told me it was. Today I have new dreams. Oh some still involve surfing and those are quickly falling as well.

I dreamed that through surfing I’d be able to raise money and awareness for women and children in crisis. I dreamed I’d be able to shed a light on the plight of rape victims and perhaps be a Bethany Hamilton to them. To lead the way from broken to fearless example of wholeness.

My sponsors are making that dream come true.

  1. Jesus board is a sponsor and they’ve begun putting my life story together. They are beginning with my tragic rape and disfigurement and bringing it through the choice of life for my son. To my current competition ready, one face wearing self. A short 20 to 30 minute bio they hope to debut before my first professional meet. Hopefully in 2018 season.
  2. Hawaiian Tropic is matching donations from personal appearances to local teen crisis centers and battered woman’s shelters. We will even be donating some to various men’s Christian shelters and veteran centers.
  3. Body Glove has agreed to match my winnings and donate those to charities that help families in need. The shiners children’s hospitals, the Ronald McDonald House, Jimmy Fund and the Christian Children’s fund to name a few.
  4. Jesus board also takes a percentage of profits and makes boards for poor and low income children. The goal is to bring my passion to a wider audience. To bring for me what is a spiritual experience to others. It is my wish surfing improves and enriches their lives as it has mine.

My sponsors are giving me the ability to combine my passion for god’s arena and giving to those who suffer at the same time. I guess I should keep dreaming for the impossible because god himself seems to be breaking down the walls and proving nothing is impossible.

We (my sponsors and I) already raise over 4,400$ and more is coming I know it, I can feel it.  It’s a partnership born in heaven from a place only the impossible dreams come from.

I’ve got a busy year ahead. The semi-pro circuit is grueling to be sure. I begin that journey this later month. With my awesome sponsors and god’s arena it’s going to be a whirlwind year!

Happy New year,

Dream the impossible, believe and have faith and the walls blocking your wildest dreams will fall. I know this because I never stopped dreaming and never stopped believing in those dreams. I was told it was impossible and now I am vindicated for believing.

You will be too. You just have to believe in your dreams and never stop chasing them.

I love you all, more to come, I believe in you!


To those like Bethany who I have admired and who have inspired me. I will take your lessons and I hope to be an inspiration to others as you have to me. Thank you for your time Bethany and your words of encouragement and hope.