Today I got to meet with surfing fans.


I was scared out of my wits. I hate crowds! I dislike being in close proximity to strangers and in crowds. Today I dealt with both. I had to even get up close and personal with strangers. HUGE triggers for me. But I told myself the money will go to a great cause.


I didn’t expect so many people. Literally more than 100 and my guess closer to 150. I put on @TheAshHoles which the guys in line seemed to appreciate. #TheAshHoles


It was 5$ an autograph and 10$ a picture. Of which it all went to charity. When people learned it was all going to charity many left additional money. All told I raised 1,750 dollars for the local women’s shelter. Hawaiian Tropic matched that donation and the people another 912 dollars in donations.


All told we raised 4,412$ dollars for a great cause.


I can’t thank those who came out and donated enough. This is huge and means the shelter can offer more to those in need. I love you all! Despite being nervous and scared today left me feeling overwhelmed but also extremely blessed to be able to do something I love, help people and make a living.


I have such incredible sponsors and for that I am humbled and grateful.