First and foremost a prayer for all those affected by this act of terror. 

It’s rare I agree with extremely liberal people. However I agree with the factual statement of one. I know her statement is not taken in the way she meant it but weather she realizes it or not she is right.

Following the OSU terror attack and let’s be honest here it was terrorism. He left a video telling us he was doing it for ISIS and it was indeed a terror attack by a radical islamist. But I digress. Following the OSU attacks liberals lost their minds and started tweeting about gun control. One such liberal Julie DiCaro said “This is where were are. Instead of common sense gun control, we get ‘run, hide, fight.’

Well I agree we need common sense gun laws. Have you ever noticed every major gun violent action happens in gun free zones? There is a reason for that and it’s quiet simple. The bad guy knows they will ne the only one with a gun and they will have a pool of unarmed targets.

So yes we need common sense gun control and gun laws. We need gun free zones to disappear which removes the target rich “fish in a barrel” environments that we have today. These environments are ripe for the picking as they are considered soft targets. Had students there been allowed to legally carry this situation would have likely been much different or perhaps wouldn’t have happened at all. Why? Because the targets wouldn’t have been without the ability to responde, react and defend themselves.

Common sense tells us all these types of attacks happen in gun free zones so perhaps it’s time to allow responsible carry.

My idea of common sense gun laws.

1) You can get a permit to own a gun just like you do today

2) You can legally carry with (open carry), conceal carry (with permit) 

.   A) IF You have been trained via police academy training courses

.   B) IF You maintain that training on some regular basis (Yearly, every third year, something reasonable)

.   C) IF You maintain a target shooting schedule (perhaps several times a year, for me it’s monthly)

.   D) IF You take the courses required so you fully understand the law and your responsibility when carrying. 

These common sense laws would result in people who respect the firearm, the law and the responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm. Having even a portion of the campus armed, a portion of faculty armed would detter many of these events. The shooter would need to worry is one of my targets armed and will spoil my little plot.

For school shooting victims it’s not too soon to discuss out nation’s gun laws -it’s too late. But we owe it to tomorrows potential victims to ensure the safest environment possible. That can’t be done by doubling down on what is already not working. The rise in mass shootings and mass terror events is no accident. It is because the the systematic disarming of Americans and the establishment of more and more “gun free zones”. 

As stated all these mass events took place in gun free zones. The more of them we create the more it is happening. Common sense tells us that someone willing to break the law and commit murder (especially mass murder) is someone not worried about how many laws he breaks. All the criminal cares about is maximum exposure and maximum control. How better to have that control than to be the only one with a weapon. 

See unlike those wanting further disarming of the public and more gun free zones. I care about lives and know that fewer gun free zones means fewer soft targets. So if you really care about stopping gun violence then protect the 2nd amendment and the true meaning it holds. The right to defend ones self and it’s important. When you remove the right to defend yourself, you encourage even more violence.

In OSU what did the ROTC and former soldiers do during the attacks? They protected students by standing between doors and the codwering masses. Even unarmed our brave men and women in uniform were willing to protect fellow students. Maybe next time we as a nation will allow them (well trained, responsible and with a deep sense of duty) the brave men and women who protect us to have the tools and not be just the first targets. Maybe we’ll let them be the protectors they wish to be. 

I’m sure there were other students who had the knowledge and fortitude to have done what is right and deserve the means to do just that as well.