First things first.

Sarah has been off-line or unplugged lately. But she asked I deliver a message to someone special. So here goes. To someone special, I have an extremely tough course load right now and I’ve been unplugged. I rarely open email but when I do it’s because I know you’ve sent me something and that makes me smile.

I can say when she opens her email a smile covers her face and for a moment she goes from serious to giddy.

Second an update on me.

After winning the invitationals I am qualified for the 2017 surf season. This means money, sponsors and more. I’ll keep everyone posted on events that may get TV coverage. For now a dream is coming true. Now I’ve begun my search for sponsors and as of today I may have one.

The folks from Jesus Board came out and saw me surf. They love my life story and they expressed interest in becoming my major sponsor. They are a non-profit Christian based surf board maker who donate proceeds and more to various charities.

The board is cool as hell as well.


Pictures here: http://www.thejesusboard.com/gallery

I’m excited to compete and excited to have begun my search for sponsors. I’m pleased this sponsor is also bringing surfing to children as one of the charities.

Pray for me to make the right choices in sponsors and to do well in the 2017 surf season!

Love always,