​A modicum of truth,

This story gained national attention much like 5 other reports of violence by Trump supporters who always yelled racial slurs. This story like the 5 previous turns out to be fabricated, made up, a falsehood, a TOTAL LIE!
The media doesn’t run apologies for these false reports. No it barely makes a blip but the damage has been done. The media will say it’s actually good for America even if made up because it will spark conversations about racism.
The problem with the logic that it will spark conversations that are good for America is a false narrative. The reason for this is it starts the conversation as one side is bad and the other is a victim. In each of these cases the supposed victim wasn’t a victim at all. So who is the victim? 
Truth for one. Another would be all the non-racist white people and non-racist Trump supporters who have been vilified by the press. These folks have been tried and convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. So I propose a different conversation, well two actually.

Let’s talk about restoring integrity and honesty without political bias in news reporting. Let’s try and stick to facts and not accusations, but alas that is too much to ask from the intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt media. So I guess this is a conversation we will never have.
These false reports keep pouring in because there are NO consequences to the “victim” aka Liar. There should be consequences like “filling a false report to police”, “in sighting violence”, and “libal” to name a few.
Let’s talk further about the lack of reporting of Trump supporters being beaten and it’s all caught on video with actual PROOF it happened. But that’s ok because the news has convinced everyone that anyone voting for Trump is a racist pig and they deserve it. 

Let’s talk about starting conversations as sensitive as actual and real racism on an honest and intellectual basis. You can’t do that when assumptions are made about one side immediately being racist by birth and for the simple fact they were born a particular color or a particular sex or practice a particular faith. Nor can it begin with one side the popetual victim.
If you want meaningful and honest conversation then lies should not be required to begin the conversation. 
Let’s further have the media whom we already know are intellectually defunct remain on the sidelines as they don’t care about solving any problems like racism. Why do I say that? Because in a world without racism the media loses the sensational stories of discrimination and hate crimes. The media is not in the business of ending salacious headlines. 
As a matter of fact I believe they’d only harm any reasonable conversations that could lead to healing and understanding.

 After all look how they’ve handled themselves so far with stories just like this one. They have been dishonest and divisive from the start. What in the world makes a sane person believe they could or would change now?
I’ll close with this:

The media has added to the irrational fears of people nationwide. They are driving their ratings for greed by telling false narratives and running with unverified and at times already debunked stories. Then they make idiotic claims about how the discussion will be good for America. Maybe if we turn the discussion to them and hold the media accountable for reporting actual, verified news. 
Then and only then they might make the biggest change that could bring about meaningful discourse. They might actually report the news and put political ideology second to honesty and integrity. They might begin telling the truth and in doing so we can start the serious discussions about racism in America on a platform first built on honesty. 
That is the only way to level the floor and begin the discussion without vilifying one side or the other. It’s also the only way anyone first gets to common ground to begin the discussion. A discussion which I for one believe is important enough to begin with an unshakable foundation of truth and honesty. A transparent discussion that doesn’t hide from our nations blemishes nor run from the ugliness that is racism. 
If we begin there then we can find a way forward together and we’d all realize there is still work to be done but it’s not as bad as you might have been lead to believe.
Together we can change the world and perhaps hand the next generation an America completely free of racism. But this can’t happen on the path the media places us on. It can’t begin from lies.