My family insisted I step away for a weekend. As a Lakota this land is part of me. This is my land, the home of my ancestors and the blood in my veins.


So on my break I went hiking, I connected with those who went before me. It is why I fight. Somethings in this life are worth defending. These mountains, the trees, this land is sacred to us.

I stand upon this rock victorious after climbing it. My family in my thoughts, my people in my prayers.

This is my Dakota family.


To the right is my great uncle, my great grand father Mato’s brother. These are proud people who have lived on this land in peace for as long as memory can be served. Now they are threatened on their own lands. So I pray for them.

I know I can not stay much longer. I have a daughter and son and a wife who need me as well. My heart breaks knowing I will leave and the fight is not finished.

My wife misses me and has requested pictures to know I am alright. Here you are lover.

I spent much time alone or in limited family company. Lots of time to reflect on the important things in life. Family, the most important. Now I am torn between two families. I am torn in half as my spirit rests uncertain in these times.

These are more of the beauty that is the Dakota lands.

Here are some more pictures from my weekend away from the war raging over this land. It served as respite and recharge to fight some more.


Some time at the lake for this warrior.


So I am spending me time in the middle of the chaos. I promise more to come soon.If you pray then please pray for my people. The USA has mobilized it’s army once more against the native peoples known as Sioux. If you want to get involved help stop this pipeline which invades private lands owned by these same people.

Remember we are only fighting for our existence and our rights to exist.


~Kuwa Sumanitu Taka (pursuing wolf) aka Michelle Styles