For those of you unable to follow Michelle’s post yesterday.

The Lakota and Dakota as well as Native Americans throughout this nation continue to be persecuted and unlike other groups the media is complacent in their silence. For those of you unaware of what’s going on.

The Dakota are having land stolen again. Land owned by the Dakota people is being taken. So they established a peaceful protest on their own property and initiated court filings to delay the pipeline and even stop it if they could.

The court however denied to hear the case and allowed the pipeline to continue. This violates their due process rights. They remained peacefully and lawfully assembled on their own property when a corporation trespassed and began pipeline construction anyway. They called the police about the trespassers and the police refused to help. So they’ve now been denied more rights. The right to private property.

As the situation escalated the private security company hired by the corporation released dogs to indiscriminately attack the protesters. They use pepper spray on the protesters and when the cops did anything they cited the Dakota for animal abuse. Michelle was cited for defending a Dakota child. The Dakota decided to not be victims and armed themselves and now the national guard is involved.

Did they call in the national guard or set dogs upon La Raza for it’s less than peaceful demonstration? Did the do it in Ferguson or Baltimore? Are they doing it to stop illegally stopping traffic by protesters? Did they stop occupy wall street? No!

So why are the Dakota denied these rights? Because our government and it’s leaders still see native Americans as sub human. This is the only group of people still today enslaved in America.

There are now arrests going on by police to remove protesters by force and by punitive police action. All firearms are being confiscated when and where the police can.

Since when is a dog more valuable than a child? Since when can any person illegally invade your property and set a dog upon a child and if you dare defend the child from the dog you are punished? The only reason the dog handlers are not charged and the law is not upheld must be because according to our government the Dakota and Lakota people are not human and therefore have no rights to protect.

So what rights have the Dakota now been denied.

  • Due Process – Court inaction and refusal to hear the case
  • Peaceful protest – Because police are breaking up the protests
  • Property rights – Police refuuse to enforce property laws and protect the Dakota
  • Self defense – Police citing Dakota and Lakota for defending themselves against attack dogs
  • Protection from assault – Police refuse to press chanrges after Dakota and Lakota have been struck by batons, had dogs set upon them and been pepper sprayed
  • The right to assembly – Being broken up by force of the national guard and police on their OWN property
  • The right to free speech – Many have been given gag orders and told they can’t speak of whats going on until courts hear the cases of animal abuse.
  • The right to bear arms – Guns illegally seized while Dakota and Lakota are on private land and on that land the laws state they may be armed

To name a few.

If they can do this to any human or any group of humans, then they can do it to you next!

Pray for peace but the government we live under doesn’t seem to want peace. How can I say this? Because they are violating so many human rights to steal even more land from the Dakota. All for greed and the benefit of the few.

It was our government who decided it was ok to just take this land. Land promised in a treaty and guaranteed into the end of time as Dakota and Lakota owned lands. Lands to be self-govern by those same people. These lands are scared much like our own cemeteries and churches.

What did our government do next? They refused to enforce the law to protect the private property and even the lives and well-being of the Dakota protesters. These protesters were unarmed, not violent and well within their constitutional rights to assemble and protest. Yet when set upon by a violent force using illegal actions the police refused to help.

What did the police do next? The punished the victims with citations and fines.

So when the Dakota and Lakota armed themselves to not be assaulted again on their own land, in their own home. The governor called in the national guard.

Who is declaring war? The national guard have been sent in with orders to “break up the protests by any means required” and have been given permission to use force “whatever force is necessary”.

So we have a group of people trying to exercise their freedoms guaranteed by god and our constitution; and a government hell bent of denying them those most basic of human rights.

When you back a wolf into a corner it will have no choice but to fight. The Dakota are now in that corner. Their options are expiring quickly. The only peace we can have is if suddenly by a miracle this government decides to finally recognize it has an obligation to protect these native peoples and to recognize them as human and as having every right we have and then PROTECTING those rights. Instead our government is doing everything it can to take the opposite road.

I pray for peace but it’s unlikely given only one side wishes to speak and do things peacefully. Remember why we had a revolutionary war and when you do. Remember too we would have never won that war without the native peoples help. Their reward? Enslavement and they are still slaves today. A fact made painfully obvious by the denial of even the most basic god given rights.

A sad day and one I am now ashamed to claim to be an American!