It is not US land. It is DAKOTA land. Promised by treaty in exchange for peace. We are self governed and receive NO money hand outs from the United States.

Put your pipeline through this cemetery.


Through THIS home!


When you put a pipeline through THIS cemetery and THIS home we will talk! Until then get off DAKOTA LAND! I stand with my brothers and sisters the Dakota! We will not allow your pipeline on scared native land.
1) This is OUR land by treaty. It is OUR nation and your nation has NO RIGHT to tell ours what we will or will NOT do.
2) If we were black you wouldn’t have dared sick your dogs on us and your police would leave us along! #NativeLivesMatter
You want to talk about discrimination! We the native people of this nation, those you slaughtered to steal our land still today have no rights even on OUR OWN LAND. Even the treaties your nation signed are ignored even today!
You want to talk about discrimination? Then let’s talk.
Sick your damn dogs on me again and they die! Put your god damn feet on my land again and you DIE!! Threat? No it’s a god damn promise!
~Kuwa Sumanitu Taka (pursuing wolf) aka Michelle Styles and Lakota warrior who has earned her name!
I’m ready to defend my nation from even the super power known as the Cowardly and Racist United States! Funny you see very little coverage of our protest and non-stop coverage of BLM. Still want to discuss racism? BRING IT ON!