Good evening Sarah here,
I just like to talk a little about an experience I got to have with what I like to call true life changing medicine. As an intern I got to go along to South America and I got to work with people who truly needed help. The admiration in their eyes they wanted to give you anything they had because you were willing to help them and the trustee this late in your hands like that is very humbling. The experience is one I will repeat because I love to help people. But I had no clue just how much it would actually help me.

I’m physically and mentally exhausted and spiritually totally charged. During the 17 days we helped hundreds of people 15 and 16 hour days on your feet assembly line like surgeries and more sad stories than you can shake a stick at. But despite the sadness and the condition of some of these people everyone was joyous and thankful to be alive. They were all simple people and didn’t have much but they helped me realize just how much I have. If they can be happy with love and nothing more and why shouldn’t I be?

These people were among the poorest I’ve ever met. Some walked with their families some carry their families on their backs hundreds of miles to come to our little makeshift Hospital to get help. Some had no shoes some had very little clothing some hadn’t eaten in days. But all we’re full of love and smiles. And every last one of them appreciated us and express their love and appreciation with their smiles.

The various teams of doctors did lose one patient while we were there and it was very heartbreaking. But there were no tears Frost doctors and nurses there just wasn’t time have for the families would come they all seem to know the rest. But we all stopped and had a moment of Prayer and even that little girl’s father and mother thanks for trying.

I stand back in American soil about as humbled as any human being can be. And I’m back home with a new appreciation for just how wealthy I really am. I have friends in my life like Thomas and family like my mother and father and my in-laws and I have Michelle and our two beautiful children. I realized I have God my house and a wonderful mind and I appreciate them more today then I did yesterday or any day prior to today.

Those things plus my God I am by far wealthier than Donald Trump wealthier than any billionaire on this planet and I certainly appreciate the things I have more than the things I don’t have.

So I want to take a moment to thank my friends and my family had to thank my God for allowing me just one more breath.

I love you all