A 33 year old mother of two shot and killed a home intruder that was standing in her ten year old daughters room.

The district attorney on Oregon is actually considering charges? And on line she’s been getting comments like “It would have been better if she left the house.”

So a mom walks in on a 59 year old man in her 10 year old daughters bedroom and she is supposed to just leave the house? Not a chance am I leaving my daughter to be raped, beaten or killed.

As a mom and a rape survivor I say bravo mom for defending your daughter and shame on the DA for even considering charges.

And people wonder why we own guns? It likely stopped at least one rape and possibly a murder or more than one.

Sorry bleeding hearts who say the man didn’t deserve to die. He choose to break into the home. He choose to invade this little girls bedroom. He made the choices that lead to his death. And honestly I am fine with the mom arranging his final meeting of his life. The meeting with his maker!

So what did I tell you about guns? They save innocent lives. This one saved an innocent 10 year old from death or worse rape. And yes rape is worse than death because you carry it forever.


“The latest independent crime victims polls estimate that 512,000 rapes occur each year, 1,400 a day, and just under 17% are reported to the police. That agrees with the FBI numbers, so I will go with 512,000 rapes, with 17% or one in six reported to the police.”

A poll pf prisoners estimate 3,600 rapes per day are prevented because a) The victim displayed a gun, b) the victim proclaimed they had a gun and the criminal believed her c) the criminal believed the victim was armed and decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

These are the most common answers as to why the criminal rapist choose another target or choose not to rape his intended target.

More proof that conceal carry and gun ownership REDUCES crime.

Your thoughts welcome.