So they put her in a brace.


She receive flowers from an unexpected source. Thomas sent her these.

_From Tom


This weekend being her birthday I had many things planned.

We went to dinner and dancing on her birthday.

_That ass..

God she has a nice ass! Umm where was I Oh yeah the birthday weekend.

Sunday we visited the falls on the forbidden island. Her native status got us some access we never expected.

_brace 2.jpg

She’s been in some pain but it’s to be expected after the inability to move her fingers and well all the typing to some people she likes to talk to. Combined with the signing to Tina who was excited to talk to mommy after weeks of not being able to.

We were supposed to hunt boar today but that was postponed so we simply explored the natural beauty of the island.

_Birthday outing.jpg

We got to really enjoy the fullness of untouched nature. Our phones were bricks here. It wasn’t until we got back on our boat that we had internet and cell coverage again.

I got to paint a new pic for my art class.


Took some pics for my photography class.


And the weekend is far from over. We’re only half way through Sunday and we still have all day Monday and Tuesday on the boat.

No matter this girls beauty always shines!I’ll leave you with this last picture.

__beauty shining through

To say I love this girl is a lie. I adore, I admire, I revere,I am hopelessly in love with this girl. She is my sun and my moon and I’d gladly die a thousand deaths just to see her smile.

Love Sarah