Today I am all nerves.

Today the cast may come off. If it comes off I begin the road to recovery. I will learn in the next few weeks if it will ever be as good as it once was. I will learn how well it is or isn’t healing. I’m all nerves but I have faith in the doctors and in god.

If the cast can’t come off then it isn’t healing as well as they hoped and they will do one of two things. I will either go back under the knife to try a second repair or they may leave the cast on a little longer and see what happens.

If the cast comes off I will still be in a brace 99 percent of the time. But it will mean I am healing at least as well as they hoped. So today I find out if I start Physical therapy which Sarah says will be painful or if I need more time or even another surgery.

How bad will this scar be? It’s the only one I have that I am proud of. It wasn’t by my hands, it wasn’t because I needed pain. it was selflessly done without thought and obtaining it saved another a world of pain. So I guess how bad it is really isn’t that important.

I’m still all nerves. T minus 8 hours 28 minutes

Please let it be healed as they expect and I’ll face the physical therapy no problem.