What a week last week was!

I celebrated 700 days, my sons 17th birthday and got to return to surfing!

It’s not hard to tell the absolute best thing though was my son turned 17. I guess I’m a proud mommy, yup that is true. He is an incredible young man and that is also true. I’m so lucky and proud to be his mommy.

Form a baby I’ve watched with amazement
and you’ve grown and grown
I’ve watched and prayed for you,
that you’d come into your own
I’ve watched so long as you grew
and now as always I say it loud
Here you are a grown man
and I couldn’t be more proud
From your very first step
and to this very day
You’ve left me breathless,
not knowing what to say
I’ve been amazed and astounded
as I watched you transform
I’m proud of you in everything
and through every storm

You are amazing to me!


We had a quiet party, a few friends of his, some laser tag and cake. it would seem though I got the best presents as I watched my young man smile and laugh. My heart grew three sizes as he and his freinds let Tina play (and win). You should have seen them play together. The smiles were had all round.

For my 700th Joey and Tina smashed cupcakes in my face. Surprise! Yeah it was weird but hey that’s my family.

Then Friday the doctor said I could return to surfing and being active. They of course wanted me to be careful and stick to smaller waves. No matter tgat puts me back in the water. so this weekend what did I do? Well I raced my son on the waves, made sand castles with my daughter and took a moonlite walk with my wife.

/hugs to all