Everyday is a struggle. Every moment I’ve asked will today be the day I fail? But today is big indeed. Everyday now reduced to numbers and reminders of just how far I’ve come along this road. Everyday now a memory, a milestone and a victory. But today is just a little sweeter.

Yes it’s just a number to most. Yes it’s a large number as well. But to those struggling with addictions it’s a HUGE number. Today I celebrate that number. 700 days since I last self harmed, 700 days free of shame, and 700 days of victory over addicition.

700 days.

That is a number so large, I never thought I’d see it. But to me 700 is not just a number, it’s a celebration and a long fought victory along the road to recovery. This number is one that once I dared not dream. It’s a number that to me was once as unattainable as one billion. Yet her I am.

Today my number is 700 and it’s the number I now share with you in joy and hope.

Does this mean I’ll let my guard down? Hell to the no! But it means I have my eyes on new numbers.

The first number is 701, that’s tomorrow. Add one for everyday that follows and yes I look forward to those as well. The next big number is 731 and that will be two years. My next unobtainable, unimaginable number is 1000 days. So many more number to come!

Everyday is reduced to numbers where victiory can be measured daily. It’s a reminder to celebrate and to be vigilant. Everyday is reduced to mere numbers and my victories can be tallied. It’s simple that way and it sets the goals smaller, it makes the numbers imaginable, tangible and real.

So tomorrow will be 701 and today will be just a memory. As big as this number is, tomorrow it will be just a memory. But 700 is a day I shall long remember.

To me it’s more than a number, it’s more than a huge number. To me it’s a sign that all things are possible and that the unimaginable of yesterday is the reality of tomorrow. I will look back and smile at this number as it fades into the past and now I know 731 is more than a dream. I know 1,000 is not unimaginable or unobtainable. No now I know that 1,000 is tomorrows reality.

One day at a time and I will see 1,000 days. I know this because I know now nothing is impossible. After all 700 was impossible and yet here it is, just another number in a very long line of numbers that came before it.

From me to you,

May you dream the impossible and reach for the unimaginable. May your road be paved in small victories along the way to encourage you, to move you forward always reaching for your dream. May you achieve tomorrows possibilities in dreaming and then remember to set your sights even higher. Nothing we can imagine is unobtainable or impossible.

Love always,