My article on greenhouse gases, specifically challenging carbon as responsible for global warming drew the kind of response I fully expected.

That article is here:

It is scientifically unsound to make assumptions about people and what they believe. Yet that is indeed what happens in the Religion of Carbon based man made global warming. Since no one bothered to ask nor get clarification my position on the subject I will do that here and now. So first let’s start on my position.

  • I believe mankind is horrible and negligent in his responsibility to care for our planet. Someday this planet will shake us off like flees because that is all we are. Flees on mother earth.
  • I do believe the climate of this planet can and does change.
  • I believe mankind can affect this planet in positive and negative ways.

Now my position is clear. In my article I tackled carbon as a cause of global warming. I used sound science to dispute this as the cause. I used physics to demonstrate carbon is not a significant source of heat energy on this planet.

Then I used historic evidence from earth science (the ice cores which by the way Tildeb claimed to have worked on) to show that carbon never precedes an increase in temperature on this planet. No the 450,000 year of history frozen in ice showed carbon followed warming. This proves carbon did not cause the warming but may be an affect of, though even that conclusion is not proven science. Nope it’s just a hypothesis.

Next I presented the reason behind blaming carbon in my opinion was about the power of government to control and regulate through laws thereby increasing their power and influence. The more they can tax us for a byproduct of living and energy used to drive our world economies the more money they make also. It’s funny that science claiming global warming to be real is all funded by these same governments.

So I presented science facts in a plan and concise manner. What did I receive for it? Oh you can go and read the hate yourself. What didn’t I receive? Not one scientific piece of evidence to disprove a single word I printed. That alone is proof enough for me that the religion of carbon based man made global warming is fraudulent at best, an outright lie more likely.

So like it, hate it but if you intend to comment try not hating. I don’t hate any of you including those who believe I am wrong. If you believe I am wrong feel free to challenge the science but keep hatred to yourself where it belongs.

Did Tildeb even ask if I believe in climate change? Or if I believe mankind needs to change because he is harming our planet? The answers are NO and NO. Nope he started as all religious zealots do. Religious zealots attack anyone who disagrees with them, attack them personally, hatefully and directly. No detention can be tolerated.

So one last time. I believe carbon as the cause of global warming is wrong and the science behind it wrong. I do not believe our climate doesn’t change nor that man can’t have an effect on that climate or even our planet as a whole.

But then that takes the power away from government to place carbon based taxes on businesses and citizens alike.

Oh and my cats example is exactly what was done to prove the 97% of scientists lie. I’ll list is here.

The data shows they only took published papers from that year and from respected scientists in the field of climatology. 160 papers were found. Next they eliminated any report which did not mention mankind aka humans. 81 papers and remember all done by respected scientists were discarded. This left 79 papers which mentioned mankind aka humans directly. Of those 79, 77 agreed man was the cause of global warming and that is 97%. However we excluded 50% of the published scientific papers on the subject. So we have 97% of less than half the scientists actually agreeing.

That is not 97% of all scientists, it is 97% of only those who took a position on man and global warming. It excluded reports like the one from national geographic and NASA that showed the Martian ice caps and planetary temperatures doing the exact same thing as we were experiencing here on earth. That is not science.

Calling for dissenters to be jailed is not science. The same thing was done that was done when scientists began saying the earth was not flat. Name calling and threats in science doesn’t or shouldn’t happen because science is based on facts much as the article I published about carbon and global warming.

So let’s stick to science shall we? Want to prove me wrong on my hypothesis aka theory about the theory of carbon based man made global warming then feel free to prove it with science. Leave the name and hatred aside. I welcome your feedback. I welcome the science discussion. At least my friend Scottie said “Michelle I don’t know enough about physics here but I believe you’re wrong.” Well at least he voiced his opinion without labels and hate. He also placed his argument on the topic in proper context by stating he can’t discuss the physics nor was knowledgeable enough to contradict the science. I also bet he doesn’t wish scientists who hold a view different from his to be jailed.

History will prove me right on this.

“Carbon man made or otherwise is not and never has been the cause of global warming. But is man harming our planet? You bet your life he is! Can we and should we change that? Another hell yes from me.” ~Michelle Styles


PS: The volcano here in Hawaii produces many, many times more carbon than all the cars on the earth. That’s another fact you can take to the bank.

So if you have something to add to this or my original article follow the rules.

  • Be respectful. I won’t, don’t, and haven’t called you names nor labeled you so don’t pretend you can do that to me.
  • Call me wrong and that is fine, present YOUR science to show where MY science is wrong and then we can have scientific discourse on the matter. That is after all how true scientists are supposed to act.
  • Don’t assume you know me nor my position because if it isn’t clear then you only make an ass of yourself.

I welcome your feedback.