I read an article some time back. It’s bothered be for a while and I wasn’t sure why. This article in the New York Time by Frank Bruni pro-ports that Christians must change their view on homosexuality even if by force. His “or else” implies such force is indeed what he means.

You can find that article here.


I think the problem I have is my firm belief in what I was brought up with and that is each person has a right to believe and behave as they please. I would not force the KKK to “change” their ways either. For it is their right to believe and behave as they do. As long as they do not affect me or anyone else as a person what is the harm they cause? Do they spew hatred and ignorance? Yup and I would defend their right to do so.

So why is it different for Christians? It shouldn’t be. One might consider the view of homosexuality as sin to be narrow minded. So what? Is it not their right to believe such?

It does not affect my relationship with Sarah if Christians believe our lives are sinful. It doesn’t stop us from raising our family, and being good citizens of the nation. It doesn’t stop us from contributing to society, growing and loving. So why does someone else’s belief matter to me? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t to this author or to you either.

I believe if a baker is Christian they should advertise themselves as such. This would avoid the possible rejection should a gay couple wish to have a cake made. Oh look they are Christian and won’t make our cake but the three bakeries down the road will.

I’d honestly rather take my business where I am welcomed without the law forcing my business to be taken against another persons personal beliefs and rights. I also don’t believe people should operate under the veil of anonymity. No advertise what you will and will not do. Don’t waste my time OR yours. I do feel if you aren’t willing to advertise your business as not friendly to gay people then you have no defense when one walks in and demands service.

I also feel that should you wish to deny gay people and are upfront about it then the chips will fall where they may. You certainly lose my business and that’s fine because you made it clear you don’t want it.

The problem is the self proclaimed leadership of the gay community is it doesn’t want fairness under the law. No they seem to want preferential treatment. Perhaps to make up for the sins of the recent past and inequality in the law and protections afforded us. Yet even this is wrong.

I have a right to live my life, follow my dreams and live by my morals. You have those same rights. The only time this varies is when someone denies a legal right. When a law is unjust it is not the same as a person having beliefs.

I will fight where I see laws as unjust. Like “marriage” as the human law of the united states. It isn’t about the bible, it’s about the law of man. They just happen to share the same name. Blame your founding fathers for that.

But refusing business? You have a right to refuse my business for any reason. Why should your moral not be part of that decision making process.

But my rights should never trump yours. My life style should never trump yours. My beliefs should never be forced upon another nor should another be denied their rights because I wish it so. This is not freedom, this is not the vision of America. It goes against everything the nation was founded upon to take an others rights or to force my values on others.

I feel strongly about this because it was the struggle of my people to have religious freedom until it was finally granted in 1997. I will never trample on an others religious freedoms because I know what it’s like to have mine trampled upon.

Eventually I fear Christians will be forced underground and face persecution under the law for inciting violence via their “hateful” speech. Speech that to a Christian is at the heart of their faith. This is wrong of us in the gay and lesbian community. Each of us knows what it’s like to live under laws that are not fair. Each knows of persecution.

So where is our united voice condemning the persecution of Christians?

/smh To me it seems the victim is becoming the bully.

Until we stop and understand a persons right to personal religious freedoms, speech and liberty we will push until Christians are forced to comply by unfair and unjust laws. Then are we the persecuted any better when we become the persecutors? I fight for equality under the law and not to be the new persecutor by the same.

Perhaps it may yet stop and all may someday know the personal rights of all are equal. I will never seek to be anyone’s better, not in station, position or under the law. Anyone can see the avalanche coming. It will not stop on it’s own. Such is the gravity of our society, and it seems the malice in the heart of humans.