In math, you have to start with first axioms. That is to say a starting position or begining assumptions from which you can proceed to solve any problem. I wish to define these starting positions for the subject of abortion. Perhaps in first defining our statrting position we can arrive at common ground and understanding.

Given an unborn baby is in the uterus for fourty (40) weeks. I would like my readers to define for me if they will.

1)     1) At what point in that 40 weeks is it no longer ok to abort the baby?

2)      2) What changed at the second immediately following your line that now the baby is a baby and not some clump of cells?

3)      3) If it were merely “part of your body” then couldn’t you destroy it at any point even at 5 years old? After all It’s not a baby it’s “part of your body” that grows, develops, and feels. How amazing, now I wished I’d kept Sarah’s appendix to see how that grew up. I wonder what it’s first words were.

I am also sick of “Well it’s legal so it’s ok.” Let’s remember at one point in our history (not to very long ago) it was legal to “own” another person. Did that make it right because it was legal? The same aplies here. The mere fact it is legal does not in and of itself make it right.

No one made that more clear than Abraham Lincoln when he said, “If there’s nothing wrong with slavery there’s nothing wrong with anything.” How much truth is there in those words. So this also suggests the argument that well it’s legal was used in the discussion of slavery.

So taking the statement by Lincoln and turning it to this issue let’s ask. “If there is nothing wrong with killing a baby in the womb then there is nothing wrong with killing any person found inconvenient to society.” Think on that one a bit.

By coming to the first axioms we can begin our discussion on common ground. I doubt this will have much ground that is common to everyone. Perhaps we can get a majority census at least.

I am pro-choice.

1)      I choose when I have sex

2)      I choose who I have sex with

3)      I choose what protection will or will not be used.

4)      I choose everything that is my actual body

How are these not choices as well? Ladies have all the power in this game of sex. Anything shy of that is rape because it wasn’t your choice. Now the guy has to be willing as well and he makes choices but really ladies, if you say yes he will be all down with that.