I thought college was for smart people.

“The student government at the University of California-Berkeley last week passed a resolution calling for the implementation of an abortion clinic on campus.
Senate Resolution 69 urges the campus’s University Health Services to “implement medical abortion services” at the school’s health center.”

My questions are. Why should the school make this service available? I mean is this service is so crucial that there is no way that the student body would have to have access on campus to abortions?

There are 3 abortion clinics including planned parenthood within walking distance (less than 2 miles) from the school and 8 within nearby (less than 15 miles) from the school and all are available by buses.

My next question is directly related to the intelligence of UC Berkeley student body.

Are there really that many students at UC Berkeley that are too stupid to figure out basic contraception? Surely a condom is not that difficult to put on, I can do it without even using my hands. You can take a pill once a day and these kids can’t figure out how to take a single small pill everyday?

Well to the parents of any female child attending Berkeley. Norplant is get it and forget it and it lasts 5 years. Please get it for your daughters because the intelligence of those who attend and are admitted to UC Berkeley is now in question.

“When medication abortion is not available at UHS, students who are seeking an abortion face financial, time, and travel constraint burdens that create negative impacts on academic performance and mental health,” the bill reads. “UHS is a health center dedicated to meeting the health needs of students in order for students to be able to upkeep their academic well-being.”
“Abortion is a common health-care service and access to abortion is necessary and relevant in student life,” it continues.

Here’s a few ideas. Students already take an orientation class. So why not include oh say some education on the dangers of promiscuous sex and information on the proper use of condoms? Wouldn’t that be cheaper and in the long run provide for a safer and healthier campus experience?

After all abortion has very sever medical risks. A few facts about severe medical reactions to abortions.

1 in 100 women in the first trimester and 1 in 50 women in the second trimester will experience one or more of the following:

> Heavy or persistent bleeding
> Infection or sepsis
> Damage to the cervix
> Scarring of the uterine lining
> Perforation of the uterus
> Damage to other organs
> Death

All these conditions take far more time and effort to get over than a half hour being taught the real risks to unprotected sex. Abortion aside from rape (any forced sex) is 100% avoidable and ladies we have the power to prevent unwanted pregnancy in all consensual relationships.

> Abstinence
> Condoms combined with the pill or other form of female birth control
> Oral sex will avoid unwanted pregnancy
> Mutual masturbation
** The list goes on and on.

You can also simply not have sex and you are guaranteed to not get pregnant. But if that is not your choice and you choose to have sex. Make him wrap it every time.

If he gives you the line about condoms ruin the sensation or you don’t love me because I have to wear a condom or don’t you trust me? Simple answer to all these are “If you really loved me you’d willingly wear the condom and if you can’t do that then have fun with your hand tonight!”

Let’s prove UC Berkeley wrong because they think you aren’t smart enough to figure out how to use a condom. With a little practice ladies you too could put one on without your hands. Is it the easiest way? No but it’s more fun.