Now most know I am not Christian. I have a faith and it shares some similarities with Christians in protecting life and believing it is blessed by a higher power. I believe in a god, the creator of all things.

That said here is my thoughts on this weekend.

I heard something I felt was disgraceful and disturbing and had to write about it.

At my wife’s church where we attend as a family, a man was asking for help to save his baby. Everyone was of course into this until they learned he wanted to save his unborn baby from an abortion. The place seemed to spiral into vitriol quickly from there.

Here is the context of the story. He and his wife married some ten years ago and tried to conceive. After seeing specialists to no avail his wife began her career. This was about four years ago and today she is very successful. Unannounced to the couple they became pregnant recently by the grace of god, by accident or for what ever reason it finally happened.

The wife has changed her mind and now no longer wants children and wants to pursue her career. The husband wants the baby and believes it a blessing, no he believes it a miracle considering what they’d been through.

He wants to raise the money to get a court injunction until it could be determined if he has any rights in the baby. He claimed that the baby possessed half his DNA and therefore was half his choice as well.

(Here comes the backlash from feminists) I agree with him. That baby is half his and half her DNA. Why shouldn’t he the husband have a say in the “choice”. After all they choose to remain married, practice unprotected sex and therefore they share in the responsibility of this consensual sexual relationship which produced this child.

Now had they not been married perhaps I’d have felt different? I doubt it.

I do whole heatedly believe it took two to make the child and it should take two to destroy it. But it should only take one willing to raise it themselves if they must to save it. I know half that babies DNA is his and half is hers. I know it’s not merely “part” of a woman’s’ body but is instead a unique being.

The women of the church seemed to tell him he had no right because he wasn’t a woman. The hatred from the women especially the younger women was evident. They were foaming almost at the mouth.

It amazes me the best they could do is tell him “you have no vagina” and therefore no say. They couldn’t argue against his position with fact only feeling. I’m not popular there right now because I took his side. I am also not popular because I asked the women a question that sent the place to silence.

Ladies the truth is not about what sex someone is, how well they articulate what they wish to say, nor what you personally feel about a subject. The truth is much greater than that.

Here is some truth.

1 No woman has ever gotten pregnant (unless you believe the virgin Mary thing) without sperm from a man.

2 Just because it grows in your body it is not merely an extension of your body. it only possesses about half your DNA and is therefore unlike any part of your body in that it’s not you. Every cell in your body that is “part” of your body is identical in it’s DNA makeup but the baby is not identical.

3 If it wasn’t rape then you must have known even if unlikely that it is possible that you may become pregnant. The law determines if you kill a pregnant woman it is double murder. So the law sees a distinction in that “clump of cells” as another unborn human.

4 Roe v Wade did not give you the “right” to an abortion. It gave you a right to privacy in making medical decisions.

Now some people will see this as merely a choice and nothing more. I do not and why should all men be forced to be silent just because they don’t have a vagina?

By silencing half the population (men) and telling them they have no right to an opinion on the matter it limits the field of who has to be beaten into submission on the subject. I feel this is wrong. It took two to make that baby and if it was not rape then it was done in love, lust or by some choice.

Why then does only the woman have a choice following opening her legs? One day the feminists will wake up and discover “equal rights” means equal and not that you are superior. If a man can have no rights nor opinions on this subject then how many more must he remain silent on? Why must a man be silent at all?

You wonder “where all the good men have gone?” You feminists neutered them and silenced them! I prefer men as equal in all things and that includes their right to an opinion on ANY subject!

Why should the woman have the only say in the life of the baby? After all if the man doesn’t want it and the woman does then she will make the man pay for it forever. He can’t just say well it’s your body and not my problem and walk away. No he will have to pay child support for “his” baby for the next few decades. Yet he has no say before the birth other than hell yeah I’ll have sex? Think about that before you answer me and try and answer this question.

If it is truly only part of “your” body then why can’t the man abort is responsibilities even if you want the baby? After all it is merely part of your body and he has no say what so ever. Why can’t the man simply say we’ll I don’t want it and if you do cya and have fun cause I’m not paying for it.

Here is what I said word for word:

What would you tell Jesus because he would be standing right before you telling you that it’s NOT part of your body and that the father, this father here, has rights here too. What would you say to Jesus? Would you tell “HIM” (yes I air quoted) that “HE” had no right to define rights or even what is or is not a life? I then pointed at their cross and said ‘There he is, tell him you know better than he what is blessed, what is life and what is right or wrong. Tell him you feel this man has no right to defend his baby. Tell your Jesus he has no rights. I dare you!’

The place went silent.

I was the first to bring him 100 dollars and I gave him a hug. I then walked out of church past all the sneers now silent.

I know he will fight for his baby and I hope he wins! I believe the father in any consensual union that produces the possibility of and perhaps an actual life that both parties have a say in the matter.