I see in your eyes the dreams you dare to hide, dreams never spoken a loud.
I seen your face dreams you dare to hide, dreams of standing out from the crowd.
I want you know dear little one its okay to dream, its okay to hide

I see your pain, I know the shame, though you’ve done nothing wrong.
Whrn it’s over, I promise you, your dreams will last so well.
Its okay to dream, hang on for the ride

I see you hide beneath veiled smile, all the things you dare not say.
Its your words unspoken that I hear, every night and day.
It’s okay do dream, against the nightmare tide.

I’ve heard all the words, you cannot speak.
I’ve  have spoken them in silent myself.
It’s ok to dream, never let hope subside.

Hope against the silence in your head and your dreams will come true.
Never give up on dream and the words never spoken.
Its okay to dream I’ll be right there by your side.

If I could give you advice you could understand, I certainly would try.
But right now you cannot hear me, with your eats or your eyes.
Its okay to dream, for now live, love, learn and try.

May you never quit on your silent dream my little one. They do come true, just believe and never give up on them. I’ll be here waiting, praying, watching and hoping for every dream to come true.

Love forever,