I have been bent and I have been bruised but I’ve discovered I’m unbreakable. It is in the human spirit to survive and even against the odds to never break when life blows us down.

The things I’ve seen in my life and the things that have happened to me, have all brought me to this moment. They have bent me, they have shaped me and at times I thought they had broken me but I’ve discovered one flawless, ingenious and yes even masterfully made ideal of humanity. That is our unbreakable spirit.

It may be a god or just the will to survive that we humans all possess this. It’s masterfully designed and it’s the only thing in humans that is truly flawless.

My body has been broken and my mind has been broken, but my spirit has never been broken. I read stories of other rape survivors and abuse survivors and I see the same spirit in them and it sometimes makes me question is there really some intelligent design to this?

So the short post is dedicated to the unbreakable and flawless and even genius that is your own unbreakable spirit.

I do truly believe and all that is humanity the fact that our spirit is unbreakable is proof if there’s something greater than we are. Something beyond our imagination and rationalization.

That something created the unbreakable spirit found in all of us.

You like me are unbreakable.