Life has been busy. With Sarah entering the hardest part of her doctoral studies, ramped up internships and other working programs, work of course as well. She is finding herself overwhelmed to say the least.

Me? Well work, school, the new little one. Joey, surfing, anytime at all I get with Sarah.  Phew. Life is just crazy.

That said crazy is not bad. No contrary it’s very good. Life being busy also in this case means being fulfilling.

I honestly feel whole and fulfilled and I am a spectator as sarah realizes her dream and our newest edition is coming to understand she won’t be moved to yet another family.

I’m getting to see my little man interact with his new little sister and seeing just how grown up he has become.

No life is busy, life is crazy but life is very very good.

Love you all, more to come. I’ll make an effort to get back to my blog. Honestly I will.