This one is first.

If you have no idea about someones culture, past, heritage you should try not making a fool of yourself or being an ass.

Hunting, Fishing, Farming are NOT sports or hobbies to my people. I have grown gardens and helped my parents since my earliest memories. Farming keeps us close to our mother the earth. It is spiritual and sacred to us. The same is true of Fishing and Hunting. These things to my people are part of who we are. They are part of how we worship our god.

So it is not and never has been a “sport” to me. It is part of connecting with my ancestors, my god and the circle of all things.

Before insulting me and further more calling me a liar all the while being ignorant to what it is to be Lakota. You should try listening first. It’s rude to call someone a liar especially when you are dead wrong on the subject.

I don’t deal well with disrespect when it comes to my culture, my past and who “I” am. I don’t define you out of ignorance please don’t define me from your own ignorance.