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Why does America have a second amendment?

Our second amendment was founded to prevent the government from become tyrannical like the English had become. It is meant for citizens to have not only the desire but the ability to overthrow our government should it become tyrannical.

It is important to protect that right and do you know why?

Every government that has gone tyrannical over the years has begun by removing guns from the hands of citizens. The Chinese government, the Nazi’s, Stalin in Russia, the Khmer Rogue and every horrible government that committed crimes against humanity including our own when it comes to my own people.

The FIRST thing they do is disarm you. History has proven that time and time again. So I unlike those who say Waaah “Wounded Knee” it was 100 years ago get over it. These people seem to turn a blind eye to history and unless we learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.

These are not make believe they are facts that have repeated over and over in our human history the world over. I for one choose to learn from history.

Our armed population also discourages invasions of America or any nation for that matter. But the primary purpose of our second amendment is so our government will respect our rights. The second amendment protects ALL the other “human” rights of this nation.

Ask they said on stripes: “And that’s the facts jack!”

So some Americans “Dare I say most even”. Understand the need to learn from history and the need for our second amendment. Other nations don’t understand it but I just explained it to you. Learn from history. I for one will never allow myself to be a victim of tyranny and my second amendment is literally all that stands between me and that.


PS Think history isn’t on my side? Look up every human tragedy like the Nazis and the FIRST thing they did was ban guns. The excuse they used? Public safety and to reduce violent crimes. That is without exception in human history. Governments who do bad things first disarm it’s people.