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We’ve discussed gun control lately. In the wake of the Oregon shooting it is fitting and proper to do so.

During the course of discussions I have been patient and answered questions. People tried saying Michelle you are wrong look here and see more guns means more crime. Or that no guns means less crime. I flatly proved that wrong here.

They tried saying many things but facts don’t add up to claims. Culture, population ect add up to how crime happens. There are far to many factors to pin it one one thing. But to pin crime on guns is flatly wrong. To claim more gun control leads to less crime is flatly wrong. To say fewer guns means less crime is flatly wrong.

Why? Because crime is more complicated than one piece of any puzzle. Rather than asking us to reduce guns all the time and putting in not so common sense laws while ignoring the common sense options right before our faces is foolish.

Anyone who has taken more than ten minutes to understand my position knows I am 100% behind common sense gun laws. But simply taking guns out of the hands of people who are otherwise law abiding citizens is irresponsible, not so common sense and honestly a knee jerk reaction.

Why is our second amendment important I covered that in my last post. Want to debate that feel free to do so on THAT post.

Gun control in the USA will NOT deter crime in and of itself. Common sense will and many other things could but there are steps we can take now to curb violence and crime.

What can be done? That’s a debate for another time and place. But it is factual to say that crime is far more complicated than “guns in the hands of law abiding citizens”.