Myth: More guns = More crime

Fact: Three states in the north east have virtually NO gun laws and also have the lowest crime rates, lowest suicide rates and lowest incarceration rates.

Fact: I got my carry permit in Maine at sixteen years old!

Fact: Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have restriction on even employers or businesses banning carrying a firearm.

Fact: All three of these states have explicit permission to carry and Vermont requires no license to conceal carry. The other two require no license to open carry.

Fact: Looser gun laws and more than 75% of the population owning firearms and most of those own multiple firearms. DOES NOT lead to higher crime rates.

Fact: These states also have among the highest numbers of people who carry open or conceal weapons than any state in the nation.

So the myth that more guns means more crime is busted. The myth that more guns means more deaths is busted.

This holds true in many more states and even other countries like IceLand.

Culture certainly plays a part in gun violence. Other nations and even other states may not be the same but this proves the talking point that more guns defacto means more crime, higher incarceration and more suicides.

Switzerland and Iceland have among the highest gun ownership in the world and among the lowest murder rates, lowest overall crime rates and lowest incarceration rates.

Myth 2 busted: No guns means fewer murders.

Honduras bans citizens from owning guns entirely. Honduras has the lowest gun ownership in private hands in the world. Honduras has the strictest gun laws and most extreme punishments for owning a gun in the world.

Fact: Honduras is the murder capitol of the world boosting the MOST murders per capita in the world..

What’s even funnier is the US, the gun capitol of the world doesn’t even crack the top 100 in murder rates. Nor violent crime rates.

Fact: The top five murder capitols of the world ban guns all together and 9 of the top 10 ban guns with the last banning most firearms and tough laws on ownership where only the wealthy can afford the luxury of a gun. Remarkably the wealthy are rarely targets of violence.

All this is available from the WHO and United nations. They don’t spell it out so plainly but it doesn’t remove the fact that it’s true. They leave out the facts that these high murder rate countries already ban guns completely. Sure they report murder rates by country but they don’t spell out which nations are gun free.

Note: Canada does NOT ban firearms. Canadian citizens can own firearms. They have a stricter licensing requirement (which I’ve already said “I am all for”) but they can and DO own guns privately including assault rifles and handguns.


Have fun guys..