Update on me, life and everything in between.

First on the home front. Life’s been busy since we became foster parents. Tina is the most awesome precious little girl in the world. She is a ball of energy, bright, eager and sweet.

She came to us with a heavy burden and even with that she has the most incredible smile that just picks up your heart and lights the entire room. She gives great hugs too!

Tina was born profoundly deaf and has hearing aids. To be honest they don’t work very well but she is a prime candidate for cochlear implants. We’ve already begun the ball rolling for her on this. Of course the state involvement will slow things down but overall the case worker seemed pleased we are considering this option.

Where I was born without a nerve, she was born with damage in her inner ear. So she does have a few balance issues but that won’t stop this little tiger.

We signed her up for soccer, because she wants to play. She already has a couple little friends who visit and we do play dates with.

Of course this addition means life became so much more busy. I still have three sessions a week with doctors and/or group therapy. Both Sarah and I attend school, work full time and we of course have Josef still.

Tina has doctors she sees often as well as school and soon soccer. And with all that I am still planning to surf and still make time for that every couple of days.

Josef has college courses for his (more like instead of) high school and he has a small job now as well. For his own money so he can have some of his own money.

So as you can see life is brutally busy for us all.

I’m finally getting into a routine though to be honest that’s taken much longer than I hoped it would. I’m still adjusting and settling into a rhythm to be honest. 

Being a new mom to Tina has been so incredible. I’m so very blessed to have her and to read to her and hold her. Soon I hope to share pictures and stuff but for now privacy is important.

They say where we need to be there we are. With Tina I know I need to be here and I’m thankful, blessed and happy to be.

Notes on my own progress. I haven’t had a nightmare now in so long I can barely remember what they are like. My darkness has faded and I’m glad to be alive. I haven’t had an urge to hurt myself in a very long time now.

I have a great support system in you guys. I have wonderful friends. I have many very special people I’ve known for decades like TJ who have never given up on me. I have the best son and now the best little daughter I could ever want. I have the love of my life in Sarah and in her an unbreakable faith and love. I have a strong and healthy family in my own and in Sarah’s family.

With all that for blessings how could the sun not shine through any darkness?

That is your 5 minutes update, I’ll be around more now that I’m getting a handle on schedules and time and getting into a routine.