Here is how!

  2. Always focus on the heroes. In Oregon one would be Christopher Mintz a former soldier who tried to save lives.
  3. We’ve tried “gun free zone” let’s try “well armed faculty” shall we?
  4. Rather than more gun laws let’s try enforcing the laws on the books for a change shall we.
  5. Let’s stop pretending we are surprised when coward criminals enter a “gun free zone” with a gun. They are going to break the law and shoot people what makes you think a little sign “gun free zone” will stop them.

Let’s face it people. They do it for the headlines. They do it for the spot light. Stop giving it to them. Focus on the heroes, focus on arming teachers and allowing law abiding citizens to carry. These people are cowards, they pick schools because they know there is no one else with a gun. Cowards!

Criminals will always break the law and it doesn’t matter how many gun laws we make. Criminals will break the law, any law. School shooters are cowards.

Last your best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. How fast would the response have been had Chris Mintz been allowed to carry? How about the teachers? Other students? Answer to this question is? Seconds!

I am in favor of gun safety laws. Requirements to conceal carry should include:

  1. Gun safety classes before the permit is issued and refresher classes from time to time
  2. Mandatory practice time. X hours a month or year of actual range practice time.

I am fine with realistic gun laws for those that wish to carry! You’ve been told we are safer where gun laws are tougher and that is a complete lie! The five toughest gun law states have the MOST gun violence and gun crimes. Illinois has the highest gun murder rates, the highest gun violence rates in the country. Michigan, New York, California and Washington DC. These places have the highest numbers or gun murders, gun violence and rapes/assault at gun point. Why is that? Because only the criminals have easy access to guns. They don’t obey the law!

let’s implement common sense in school shootings and in gun laws. Let’s stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. We’ve tried gun free zones and taking guns away through legislation. Maybe the president is right “It’s time for something else”.

People with guns protect the president and his family. people with guns protect his children who do NOT attend a “gun free zone school”. Every politician is protected by people with guns. Their families are protected by people with guns. You never hear about their kids being killed at school now do you?

If it’s good enough for them why shouldn’t it be good enough for our children?