This is exactly why Mrs. Davis is SO wrong!

Let’s take this a step further. Islamic Cop, sticks to his faith to the letter and her respondes to a scene where a woman was killed by her husband. The husband explains she disgraced the family and Islamic law permits him to kill her. Cop doesn’t press charges or arrest the husband because he is right that in Islam it is not a crime.

Same cop responds to a dead man, a Christian (infidel) murdered by a Muslim man. The muslim man explains the Christian insulted Islam and the Quran demanded death. The cop walks away from it.

Same cop responds to a wife who was being beaten and she dfends herself killing the male agressor. islamic law demands she be killed so the cop shots her dead.

See religious freedoms can never be used to deny basic protections under the law to ANYONE! Else my Christian friends don’t be surprised when Muslims kill you and claim it’s THEIR religious freedoms to do so. Don’t think it can happen here? It’s already begun in Europe and has been going all all over the middle east.

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