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I hear so much about that “clump of cells” and how it’s a fetus and not a baby. I’m told the heart beating, the “fetus” moving away from an abortion while trying to stay alive, the fingers, brain, nerve sensors all fully functional and yet it’s not yet a human.

Is a baby born alive now a human? Do they deserve the same medical care as any other living person?

The grizzly practice of babies being born alive after botched abortions and then grotesquely murdered is alive and well worldwide. They are physically strangled, mutilated, or left to die on the abortionist’s table.

It’s unthinkable and it happens everyday in the US and around the world. The worst part is these babies survive the brutal act of abortion (attempted murder) only to be savagely killed or left to die thereafter.

In fact, the phenomenon is recurrent enough that the World Health Organization has assigned an ICD-10 code for mortality – cause of death – covering it. One scholarly medical journal shockingly reported that as many as one out of every thirty attempted late-term abortions could result in a live birth (more on that below).

In the U.S., the CDC records this data in their WONDER database.  This official recordation only includes mortality data for live births as reported to the CDC.  A query in the CDC WONDER database for mortality statistics under ICD-10 code P96.4 (which is labeled “Termination of pregnancy, newborn” in the CDC database). Newborn being the important word there. These statistics do NOT include death by abortion but instead death after live birth because of abortion.

In other words, deaths assigned this code, as recorded by the CDC, are for a “termination of pregnancy,” i.e. abortion, that leads to the death of a “newborn,” i.e. a baby who had been born alive.  Since the intention of an abortion procedure (regardless of the reason why the procedure was initiated) is to terminate the life of a baby in utero, then these live-birth statistics refer to abortions that were, by definition, botched.

~ From 2010 CDC report to congress

Our international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), has just filed a petition with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to expose this heinous human rights violation. Representing nearly 200,000 individuals around the world and numerous organizations, the petition found here.

A short except.

This petition denounces the torture and infanticide inflicted on some children born alive following an attempted late term abortion. Every year, numerous babies survive an abortion. In these cases, they are left to die or even killed.
This petition denounces these serious and repeated violations of human rights, practiced in various member States of the Council of Europe , and which constitute a structural problem. . . .
When a child is born very prematurely, everything is put in place to save them. If survival is not possible, the baby still receives care and is supported until their death. This conforms with the International Convention on the Rights of the Child according to which: “States Parties shall ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child.”
The petition goes on to further highlight how because of medical advances children as young as 21 weeks (five months) gestation to survive and thrive outside the womb.  It further demonstrates the appalling statistics from around the world of babies being killed or left to die after surviving an abortion.
Being born alive after an abortion is not exceptional. This possibility is enlisted on the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organisation; Chapter XVΙ entitled ‘Certain conditions originating in the prenatal period’; section P96-4, ‘Termination of pregnancy affecting foetus and newborn’.

The report goes on to detail the widespread practice of this total degradation of the human rights of children all over the world. It details children laying unloved, unaided for 20 hours to a day or more before they expire. It details how no birth certificate is ever issued to cover up the murder of these children.

Some of these children as young as 21 weeks breathed for upto 10 hours alone, cold and left to die. They died unloved, uncared for and without medical attention. They weren’t and aren’t “human” even after birth!

Still think abortion is all about a simple “medical procedure”? I don’t care if you are pro-life or anti-life, pro-choice or anti-choice, this should disgust you!

Yet the response all across Europe and the United States has not been to correct this atrocity, but to cover it up. The ECLJ petition notes that many reporting agencies have simply, and intentionally, neglected to record any recent instances of babies being murdered and left to die after first surviving botched abortions.

The problem isn’t going away; it just simply isn’t being reported any longer, swept under the abominable rug.

The ECLJ petition concludes, based on available data that:

these children are frequently abandoned without care, put aside in an empty room or closet, where they struggle to breathe, sometimes injured by the abortion, before dying alone. In certain countries or hospitals, the parents may retrieve the body or a cemetery can be provided. In other cases, they are incinerated with organic hospital waste, and even sometimes burnt as fuel used for heating hospitals. According to witness testimonies, some may be asphyxiated or thrown away with waste despite signs of life. In other words, these newborns are killed or left to die, even though in another room, doctors try to save premature babies of the same gestational age. These situations are significantly traumatising for medical personnel.
It is exactly why my soon to be doctor wife will never perform an abortion unless there is a 100% certain outcome the mother will die without it. This does traumatize the medical professionals who have even half a heart. It should traumatize you as well. The US instituted the “born alive act” and yet the practice continues unreported until whistle blowers put an end to the grizzly practice.
That is one of many who were and continue to practice this.
Numerous international human rights treaties, laws and conventions, in word only, protect these innocent children, while in deed, they are slaughtered as they always have been.

The petition demands action from the Council of European nations to enforce the treaties and the international legal obligations of its member nations:

“The Council of Europe cannot renounce the guarantee of fundamental rights to all human beings. A premature baby, even born during an attempted late term abortion, is a human being.”
These lives must be protected!

They deserve life (if for no other reason then they have exerted their will to live and defied the murderous effects of an abortion). These children chose life. Yet they are slaughtered.

If you are pro-choice then what of the babies choice to live? What of it’s fight to survive? Where is your voice on this subject? Isn’t this murder?

I will continue fighting for these innocent children!

I will fight to expose the next Gosnell’s of the world who make a living harming women and barbarically murdering children. I will fight through the legal systems to ensure that every life – every precious God given life – is protected and that no child is left to suffocate on the abortion clinic table, in a trash can, a closet, or in a dumpster.

I won’t be silent on abortion or this practice of murder after a failed abortion!

Brutality of an abortion is CLEAR! Here is an untrasound of an abortion!

Babies born alive will fight to survive. Even after an attempted abortion.


Eight week old babies feel pain. Abortions RIP them limb from limb causing pain! We can abort babies up to TWENTY FOUR WEEKS!


Even prior to the “abortion laws” 90% of all abortions were still performed by qualified doctors and not the back alley coat hanger butchers as you are lead to believe.
Abortion is not safer than full-term pregnancy and childbirth. Less than one in ten thousand pregnancies results in the mother’s death. [1] Government statistics indicate that the chances of death by abortion are even less. But while deaths from childbirth are accurately reported, many deaths by legal abortion are not. This completely skews the statistics. Furthermore, “abortion actually increases the chance of maternal death in later pregnancies.” [2] This means that some maternal deaths in full-term pregnancies are actually caused by earlier abortions, which creates a double inaccuracy.
  1. ^ American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine, ed. Charles B. Clayton (New York: Random House, 1989), 58.
  2. ^ Reardon, Aborted Women, 113.

It is 100% false to claim that no one knows when life begins, or that it begins only AFTER birth! It’s also dishonest to argue that abortion does not kill a human being.

Every new life begins at conception!

This is an irrefutable fact of biology (aka science). It is true for animals and true for humans as well. When considered alongside the law of biogenesis – that every species reproduces after its own kind – we can draw only one conclusion in regard to abortion. No matter what the circumstances of conception, no matter how far along in the pregnancy, abortion always ends the life of an individual human being. Every honest abortion advocate must concede this simple and irrefutable scientific fact.

The Law of Biogenesis

Spontaneous generation (the emergence of life from nonliving matter) has never been observed. All observations have shown that life comes only from life. This has been observed so consistently it is called the law of biogenesis. The theory of evolution conflicts with this scientific law when claiming that life came from nonliving matter through natural processes.a

Evolutionary scientists reluctantly accept the law of biogenesis.b However, some say that future studies may show how life could come from lifeless matter, despite virtually impossible odds. Others are aware of just how complex life is and the many failed and foolish attempts to explain how life came from nonlife. They duck the question by claiming that their theory of evolution doesn’t begin until the first life somehow arose. Still others say the first life was created, then evolution occurred. All evolutionists recognize that, based on scientific observations, life comes only from life.

Notice science has settled on the fact that it’s impossible and scientifically proven life can’t come from non-life.
More science shall we?

The slogan, “My Body, My Choice,” betrays a tragic misunderstanding of what is taking place inside the womb. At no point in pregnancy is the developing embryo or fetus simply a part of the mother’s body.

There are a number of clear biological facts, and all sorts of legal precedents, that easily refute the claim that the embryo or fetus is simply part of the mother’s body. In my view your choice with YOUR body ended when you spread your legs. Weather or not you used birth control, weather or not you thought it was safe. Pregnancy is a strong likely possibility of sex! You made your choice.

Now on to the science.

> The baby is not part of YOUR body as it has a totally unique genetic code all it’s own.
> The baby has it’s own unique blood type or at least it can.
> The baby can be a different gender.
> The baby can be a different ethnic back ground often misrepresented as or called “race”. (The human race is the race, everything else is a beautiful derivative or coloring shade.)
> It is possible for the baby to die on it’s own and the mother lives a normal life. It’s not an amputation of an appendage, the mother continues along physically normally. If it was her body wouldn’t she be physically not the same after the death of a baby inside the uterus?
> A baby will emit a chemical which weakens or disables the immune system from destroying the baby in the uterus. If the baby was merely “part” of the woman’s body this would NOT be necessary. And furthermore without it pregnancy would simply not be possible. The woman’s body would “reject” the foreign object.

Christopher Hitchens who is a respected intellectual and an atheist wrote in his book.

As a materialist, I think it has been demonstrated that an embryo is a separate body and entity, and not merely (as some really did used to argue) a growth on or in the female body. There used to be feminists who would say that it was more like an appendix or even—this was seriously maintained—a tumor. That nonsense seems to have stopped… Embryology confirms morality. The words “unborn child,” even when used in a politicized manner, describe a material reality.

He recognized the absurdity of claiming that unborn children are simply a part of the mother’s body. He further recognized life can not come from non-life. All life begins in the same form it will remain. IE: Humans begin as humans and the place inside or outside the mothers body, relevance to size or age, and the stage of life is irrelevant. All life that is human was begun as human from the moment of conception.

My conclusion from these facts is simple. Something human does not become human by simply getting bigger, older or more complex. It must be human from the very beginning. This fact is recognized by atheist and religious alike and is scientifically sound and true.

I feel the right to life and not be murdered; should supersede the right to not be pregnant; especially when sex was 100% consensual.

Where are the feminists as baby girls are murdered around the world as a means of “sex” selection? Abortions are used in many countries to insure male babies are born and female babies are not.

The argument that people will murder their babies outside the law is salacious and meant to distract from the real argument at hand. The fact it is NOT your body and you already made YOUR choice should be enough. The argument about “back alley butchers” being the norm prior to abortion laws is false propaganda. So what argument is left?

Logically there should remain no arguments other than emotional hysterics.

Logically if there is uncertainty in any law the benefit of the doubt should always be granted. We know life begins at conception and therefore the benefit of the doubt in abortion laws should fall to the protection of the innocent life of the baby.

When I go hunting if I don’t know what caused the bush to move I don’t shoot. Making sure we don’t kill others is paramount to every choice when armed with a weapon. Ensuring human life is held to the highest moral and ethical value by exercising restraint with a fire arm is necessary. So if I can’t confirm it is a deer (or whatever woodland creature I’m after) I don’t shoot and won’t “sight in either”. I will never fire nor take a chance of accidental discharge unless I am certain of what I am shooting at. It’s called benefits of doubt.

So why not extend the same rights to the unborn since there is open debate that ignores sound scientific principals about weather life begins at conception or not. Science clearly demonstrates it does but for the sake of the debate shouldn’t we give the benefit to life? The benefit of ANY doubt should ALWAYS favor life!

Last I’d like to say abortions affect a minimum of three lives. The mother and father both may feel guilt or lose after an abortion. And of course the baby’s life is affected. Where are the rights of the father or unborn child in “My body, my choice” arguments? It took the living sperm and the living egg to make that living being so why does the fathers rights end at orgasm but the woman’s continue beyond that? Why does the baby have no rights as a separate but equal life?

What we know:
> We have scientific evidence and proof that life begins at conception. And it’s universally accepted and acknowledged in the biogenisis thoery.
> We have scientific evidence and proof the baby is NOT “part of the woman’s body”. Therefore My body, MY choice is invalid as an argument for abortion. It is most certainly not merely an extension of your body.
> We know abortion to save the mothers life or health has ALWAYS been legal and prior to Roe v. Wade 90% of all abortions were performed legally by licensed physicians.
> We know fewer than 1% of all abortions are to “save” the life of the mother and more than 95% are performed as a method of birth control. This leaves about 4% where a mothers health was at great risk.
> We know medically abortion is MORE risky than child birth to the mother.
> We know it affects the mental well being of any concerned father as much as the mental well being of the mother. But yet the father is excluded from any and all decisions under the false claim “MY body”.
> We know abortion ends or is intended to end the life of a baby in the uterus.
> We know it took two living cells to make that baby.
> We know humans can not appear from nothing. All life must be life from the start and until the end. Living cells growing as a human inside the mother continue to be human outside the mother.
> We know the idea of a unique life begins at conception is supported by atheists and theists alike.

Yet we still debate on emotion and not science. The same people debating on emotion will claim “climate deniers” or “evolution deniers” deny science.

Ring, ring, Hello pot, it’s kettle!


Your thoughts welcome of course.