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#OnlyBlackLivesMatter and #OnlyWhenKilledByNonBlack


Where is the outrage? Where are Jackson, Sharpton and the other race hustlers?

Since a black teen criminal attacked a security guard in Florida and ended up being shot to death, all we’ve heard from the black community is black lives matter. We see #BlackLivesMatter plastered on social media. To bring up simple facts that show this is not a movement about lives at all but a movement to fuel hatred makes you a racist. Well I’m not buying it!

What about the lives of other minorities?

Racial activists went in an uproar over the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, John Crawford III, Sandra Bland and Samuel Dubois because they died at the hands of a Hispanic or white person. While these and all deaths are tragic the bigger question is were they racially motivated?

In the case of Travon Martin we have Travon attack someone and end up dead at the hands of the man he was sitting on top of and beating. Had Travon simply walked home he’d be alive today. Michael Brown assaulted a policeman and when the officer’s gun discharged he and his friend then ran away only to stop and charge the officer again. These men were the aggressors. In some cases after a struggle and resisting police commands, excessive force seems to have been used or was a contributing factor in the deaths of these individuals.

But the question remains “where they racially motivated?” I don’t believe so.

I’ve pointed out how abortion is used as population control by planned parenthood and abortion proponents and how it was originally begun by a racist who hated black people. In doing so and asking if these lives matter I received a ton of criticism.

But honestly if “Black Lives Matter” why don’t these lives also matter? After all abortion is the number 1 killer in the black community. So I believe it a relevant question to ask.

So again I ask where is the uproar over the deaths of other minorities? Why is it racist to say native lives matter, white lives matter, Asian lives matter, Hispanic lives matter or even all lives matter?

This past week, Jesus Deniz Mendoza shot a family of American Indians, killing the parents and wounding their daughter.

Mendoza, an 18 year old who legally entered the US in 2013 is from Worland, Wyoming. He was seeking roadside assistance near Pryor, Montana when Jason and Tana Shane, 51 and 47 years of age, stopped to see if they could help. According to the reports, Mendoza has admitted that after the daughter laughed at him, he grabbed his .22 caliber rifle, shooting and robbing them. Jorah Shane, their 26 year old daughter, tried to run away but Mendoza shot her in the back. Fortunately she survived her wound and is recovering in a Montana hospital.

Important to note her testimony had yet to be heard in this matter. We only had the words of the murderous Mendoza at the time. Well yesterday we got the rest of the story from the other side.

“The man claimed he had run out of gas, then pulled a gun, demanded money and opened fire when Jorah Shane followed her mother’s order to run, Ada Shane said, relaying the story as told to her by her wounded niece.

The relatives listened to Jorah Shane’s story, made sure the television in her hospital room was kept off, and struggled with how to tell her that the man had killed her mother and father in Wednesday’s shooting, Ada Shane told The Associated Press Thursday.”

The stories are in conflict. Surprise, surprise but who would I believe? Certainly not the murderer.

“The man pulled a gun and pointed it at Jason Shane’s head. He ordered everybody to get out of the car, Ada Shane said.

He told the family to give him their money, but the family said they had only change because they recently returned from a religious revival in Window Rock, Arizona.

The man told them to start walking. Tana Shane told her daughter in their Native American language to run.

Jorah Shane told her aunt that she heard a shot, started running, then heard bullets pass close to her head. McGrail’s statement said the daughter heard her mother scream, felt blood running down her face and then a bullet hit her [in the] back.”

That is the accounting from the surviving victim.

The Shane family are members of the Crow Nation’s Whistling Water tribe. That certainly classifies them as belonging to a minority ethnic group, the same as blacks, Hispanics and others.

But now the voices of racial activists have been silent. Al Sharpton and his racist colleagues like Jesse Jackson have not traveled to Montana to demand justice for the slain family. I haven’t even been able to locate a released statement written, recorded or otherwise condemning the murders.

If racial activists were true to their purported cause, they should be in an uproar over the deaths of Jason and Tana Shane and the shooting of their daughter Jorah in the back as she ran away in fear.

Their silence only lends support to my accusation that most of those involved in the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are not concerned about the deaths of blacks or other minorities. They are only interested in fueling the fires of racial hatred between blacks and whites and nothing more.

After all, if there wasn’t any racial hatred in America, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have to get real jobs.


That means EVERY life. Weather taken by each other, gang violence, policemen, war, abortion or by any other means. But more important than #NativeLivesmatter is this #AllLivesMatter!

Again to me that includes every life, every death, by any means. I say this not because of fueling hatred, but because I want to see peace prevail. Peace will not be king of the land until race doesn’t matter, hate doesn’t matter and every life matters.


#BlackLivesMatter all of them

#NativeLivesMatter all of them

#WhiteLivesMatter all of them

#HispanicLivesMatter all of them

#AsianLivesMatter all of them