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I gave a report last week in school and was told to change a line in the report because it was racist.

“Each of us can accomplish anything that our heart desires, with hard work and passion.”

That is racist? I asked. I was told African Americans would find it racist.

Are you being racist by suggesting African Americans can’t accomplish anything they want because you believe them mentally unable, physically lazy, or genetically inferior? Because I don’t see any human as any of those things regardless of color.

I refused to remove it and the teacher lowered my grade from an A+ to an F! WTF?!?!

Can anyone explain why this line quoted is racist without first having a negative view of people of color as somehow inferior?

So today I challenge the college to defend the teachers grading based upon that line being racist. I dare this teach to tell president Obama he can’t do anything he dreams. How about Clarence Thomas, Colon Powell, Condalesa Rice and a host of other people of color who have worked from the poorest of the poor to something great.

I guess I am a racist for believing in the human race and our ability to affect our futures both positively and negatively by our actions today. I believe in the human spirit and our ability to do great and wonderful things when we desire to.

So my friends can anyone tell me what is racist about that sentence? Anyone please.