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Introducing a new series. Things you were never taught in school about native Americans. I hope to impart some glimpse at false history and have some fun educating people as well. These will most likely be short and scattered randomly. I will do two today because I want to start the series off right. This will be all for today. Until next time!

Fact 38

Government – Constitutional Republic

Indian governments in eastern North America, particularly the League of the Iroquois, and the governments in western North America, particularly the Lakota Sioux served as models of federated representative democracy to the Europeans and the American colonists. The United States government is based on such a system, whereby power is distributed between a central authority (the federal government) and smaller political units (the states).

Laws are made as a nation and as a state. The armies of these nations were raised by the state and were volunteer soldier/warriors. The states elected leaders of the states who also represented the state at a national level. Trade between states and aid to states suffering hardship were also common practice of these nation.

Historians have suggested the Iroquois and Lakota Sioux systems of government influenced the development of the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. In 1988, the United States Congress passed a resolution to recognize the influence of these nations upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well. it only took 200 plus years.

So to those who would say I enjoy the “white mans” system of government and way of life. I say to you it’s you who enjoy the native way of life and government. As you can see we had the idea all along and this government is a copy of the original. You’re welcome America.

If interested I wrote about the Lakota Sioux here in the American Experiment.