I was asked by a friend “Michelle what do you gain or hope to gain by praying to God?”

The honest answer is nothing, not a damn thing has been gained. For me it’s not what praying has gained for me but what it’s taken from me. My praying has taken hate and anger from me. It’s not about what I have to gain, but what I stand to lose in prayer.

For me the lose of hate and anger has allowed the peace of life to be had. The peace like anger and hate was always inside, But prayer swept the hate and anger aside leaving peace inside. Sometimes I pray to lose my human weaknesses like anger and hate, other times I pray just to say Hi, but I never pray for any personal gain.

So what have I gained by prayer….not a damn thing. Will I keep praying, you bet your life.

Does it matter if you pray or even believe? Your faith or rationalized view of no faith doesn’t impact my personal faith in the least. It won’t stop us from being friends, it won’t stop us from conversation and neither of us will change our minds. And that’s ok with me, you are and will always be my relative (brother/sister).

It’s not about what god can give me, but what I can do without that interferes with my life in peace with all things above and below. It’s about what he’s taken from me that is his truest gift from prayer.

Hugs, love and prayers to all