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Introducing a new series. Things you were never taught in school about native Americans. I hope to impart some glimpse at false history and have some fun educating people as well. These will most likely be short and scattered randomly. I will do two today because I want to start the series off right. This will be all for today. Until next time!

Fact 37


The Ancient Mayans independently invented the hand held fan about 3,500 years ago (independent of the Chinese that is who also invented the hand held fan about the same time). The Mayans used the fans to provide cool air breeze to those who used it to air themselves. Many Mayan sculptures and paintings depict members of the Mayan nobility and royalty being fanned by servants.

In addition to being used as a tool to increase one’s comfort in the stifling humid heat of Meso-America, fans were also used to increase the oxygen supply in a fire, thereby causing the fire to burn more intensely. These types of fans were used for metal work to raise the temperature in a fire making metal more easily pliable.

* We’ll talk more about the foot fan for stoking fires in a later native facts segment.