Anyone who wants to know the true cost of rape need look no further then today’s message.

A little more than 8 years ago woman came to the crisis center that I worked at she had been raped and discovered she was also pregnant she like me chose to have her baby and give it up for adoption. 0I learned that this woman who I seen for the better part of 8 years who is getting help from doctors medicine everything that you could do took her own life.

My heart breaks because I know the pain did she was in. I’ve known it first hand I really thought she was on the right road she had a chance a normal life. I saw her many times in the past 8 years and in the past – I haven’t seen her at all of course bonded an email and of course keep in touch. Last night I understand she wants the crisis center and after leaving there she hung herself.

Least your pain is done and I pray she’s in heaven with my Heavenly Father she deserves some measure of peace.

My tears fall like rain come inside nothing but pain
Today my heart is broken one more life less spoken
One more life snuffed out one more life left in pain and doubt
Today my friend is gone now I must carry on
Today my heart is broken