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I find the idea that my exposed flesh causes anyone to sin, preposterous. Even Christians recognize sin is caused by self and not others. No one can commit murder and say I am responsible for what they did. So the idea that my bikini, my shorts and tank top or even my naked body causes someone else to sin is preposterous.

Sin is caused by choices, personal and self-directed choices.  No human being can “make” you sin against your own will. So the idea my exposed ankle can make a man have impure thoughts is as preposterous as thinking my bare breasts could do the same. I was unaware I was all powerful and that my breasts were so magical that they could make a man sin.

Tell me is there a spell I need to use to make it work? Some words I must say? Or do they possess so much magical power that they do it all on their own? I know they sometimes have a mind of their own it seems.

Why is it “my” responsibility anyway to make sure you don’t sin while looking at me? Why is it not “your” responsibility not to sin?

If I want to look sexy because I want to feel sexy, doesn’t make me responsible for your thoughts. Don’t worry I’ll cover most of my breasts you’ve already told me how much power they have! I am not one to abuse my power after all.

Ladies, let’s be honest. Anyone who tells you that you control anyone else is a dreamer, being unrealistic, or giving other fellow human beings no credit. To honestly think I can make you do anything you wouldn’t otherwise willingly do is simply hilarious. See I know people have brains and they can control themselves.

I’ve been to several nude beaches and not once did raping someone ever come into my mind. I have carried a gun for years and never thought to use it to take another’s life. But that assumes we are all capable of simple and rational thought. Something that appears to be beyond the grasp of some people.

Though I can’t figure out why. Perhaps they want to think their own impure thoughts or their own actions are somehow controlled by others so they have an excuse for their own bad behavior?

The point remains. You have free will, you have control of yourself, you are not an animal without control and thought. You are responsible for your own sins, your own thoughts, and your own actions. Nothing I do or don’t do, wear or don’t wear, or say or don’t say, can control you, your thoughts, or your actions without your own will and consent to do so.

We need to stop telling girls “you are responsible for what men think”. This culture is mature enough or should be to understand the basic idea that we are free and sentient beings operating on our own will and thoughts. Men and women need to be taught we aren’t objects and we aren’t responsible for your thoughts.

So get it out of your heads I personally do NOT control you nor influence your thoughts in any way you aren’t already inclined by nature or by nurture, either way you are the only one who can “make” you think in any way when you see, smell, touch or feel anything. Stop blaming me, stop telling girls “it’s your fault”, “you are responsible for men’s thoughts and by extension men’s actions”.

To do so leads to the idea that we somehow are all powerful as women. it also leads to the belief we are the cause of rape. It’s a dangerous slope, a dangerous place to start from in any discussion. To assume men are any less powerful than we is to assume men are by nature no more than animals and beneath us. This is the thinking that leads to dangerous places like genocide and slavery.

So boys and girls. let’s admit we are all adults, we can only control our own thoughts and actions and we are the ones 100% responsible for those thoughts and actions.

I like the idea of self directed equality far better than me being anyone superior simply because my form is pleasing to the eye!