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The Dakota war was caused when the US government failed to pay annual annuities for land it purchased (leased) from the Dakota under the treaties of Traverse Des Sioux and Mendota. These treaties promised yearly payments in exchange for large portions of land known today as Minnesota.

Because of the Civil war the US government decided it could refuse to pay for the land it leased and the treaties it signed. As a further note these payments never resumed even though the courts have said they are still considered in force.

With a bad crops year and limited by treaty hunting and fishing grounds the Dakota were starving. After the payment which would have been used to peacefully buy food and supplies never came. They (the Dakota) asked for advances of supplies instead of money and were told no. With famine fully engulfing the Dakota and people dying because the US Government failed to honor it’s treaty and failed to send aid instead of money to purchase food the Dakota went to war.

The reward for breaking the treaty and the war for food to save his people. The US army captured many Dakota and imprisoned them in a camp. All but 38 starved to death and the remaining 38 were hanged in the largest group execution in this nations history the day after Christmas 1862.

Abraham Lincoln himself ordered the resources promised for the land leased in good faith to be diverted to the civil war effort. He himself denied the request for food and supplies in advance or in place of monitory payment. He himself also denied lifting the limited hunting and fishing provision of the treaty instead of payment for the land they leased.

Abraham Lincoln also signed the order to execute the surviving Dakota.


If you were starving what would you do? If your wife and children were starving what would you do?

The Dakota did the following:

1. Reminded the US Government they owed this money and informed them the Dakota were starving without it because of a bad year for crops on the limited land allowed for planting. The president sent word NO!
2. Asked the US Government instead of the money send food and basic supplies. The president sent word NO!
3. Asked the US Government to temporarily lift the hunting and fishing restrictions so the Dakota could eat. The president sent word NO!
4. Went to war over a broken treaty and after several Dakota were killed for ignoring the hunting and fishing bans that was now killing the Dakota.

War was the last resort when diplomacy failed. Another broken treaty by this government and death was the answer to their treachery and lies. Following this the US Government never paid for the land they agreed to lease again.

Who started the Dakota war? The US Government who in full knowledge left the Dakota to starve to death and choose to ignore their treaty signed in good faith and honored by the Dakota even while her people starved the Dakota worked to resolve this diplomatically. Only when faced with no options and with a heavy heart did the Dakota fight back in the only way that remained.

The untold part of this story in your history books is this. After the warriors had been defeated many colonists/explorers whatever you wish to call the US citizens came and forcibly took Dakota women as slave wives. The Children were removed to boarding schools where they were forced to live as Europeans and punished for maintaining their identity.

So the US acted in bad faith, they lied to the Dakota, dishonored their word and treaties, murdered husbands and fathers merely trying as a last resort to feed their families. After murdering the men they enslaved and raped the women, enslaved the children and stole what remained of the land never again paying any portion of the agreed upon lease payments.

What would you have done? And this is your great emancipator. This is YOUR hero with a monument in his honor. This is the man known as “honest Abe”. How honest was he if he so easily broke the word and good faith of the US Government and covered it up by ordering the execution of people whose only crime was wishing to provide for their families when the lies came in full and brutal force?

So much for that great man. One more fallacy destroyed. Abraham Lincoln was not honest and not honorable so let’s drop the facade of “honest Abe” shall we. After all he wasn’t honest in his dealings with my people and allowed the children and women to become slaves. He didn’t fight to end slavery, no he fought because the south dared to say fuck you!

~Kuwa Sumanitu Taka (pursuing wolf) aka Michelle Styles

Abraham Lincoln the lying sack of shit!