My mother, my hero

It’s been said when you need a hero, look inside. My mother did just that. When she needed a hero, she became one. I have no words that could fall from my humble mouth; that would honor and respect my mother as much as my heart does. That is a fact you could bet your life on.

Following the worst day my mind could imagine a hero was born. The hero who would save my life. My mother had been raped and beaten and left to die. In the aftermath of all this she discovered she was pregnant from the rape. Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE told her to abort me. That day she became my hero, the champion who would risk everything to save me.

There is no reason to tell you if she aborted or not, it should be obvious to everyone. Following my birth this champion known as my hero found a home full of love for me. She was never far from me, she never lied to me, and she never hides from me. Through my entire life I remember one consistent thing. My hero, my mother was always there.

I don’t dispatch the name hero easily. I’m careful with my words as I know they have meaning. So I ask you this.

What is a hero if not someone who against the odds and at great personal risk saves a life?

What is a hero if not the one person you can always count on no matter how hard things get?

What is a hero if not someone who places you above themselves?

Now you know why my mother is my hero. She is all this and so much more. If the state is to blinded to see the great opportunity laid in their laps to give a child a true hero, then there is little I can hope to teach you. I can’t make you see what you are unwilling or unable to see on your own. I can only offer you glasses in the writing I present to you now.

I offer you a chance to see the hero whose heart you’ve torn out.

My mothers are the best any child could hope for. Mama Sarah is kind, steady, smart and strong in everything. She holds us all together with sheer will. My mother is the most giving and loving person any child could want. Both allow me to make mistakes, they guide me and encourage me. They advocate for me and they would make the best mothers for this little girl.

There is no home anywhere with more love than the one I know with my mothers. There is no place I’d choose to be than right here. You’ve kicked my hero and you were wrong about her. You’ve crushed the hopes of this family with your ideas of an ideal family. All the while you’ve overlooked “my” family which is not perfect but has always been loving, strong and good.

As it stands today you crushed my mothers hearts and mine as well. I only wish you could see my mothers through my eyes. The eyes of the child they raised, those same eyes that see my mother as my hero. But alas I ask the impossible of the truly blind.

I’ll pray for this little girl that you don’t make yet another mistake in her placement. I wish she’d become my little sister.

Wishing you clarity in your decisions,