Just me

Just me

Seems people use whatever image they wish so this was my first post image I’ll use it.

Thank you to Scott for nominating me.  This one is pretty easy. In honor of two years blogging I decided to take this challenge now. 🙂

Here are the rules:

Copy-paste, link, pingback or whatever way you want to, your first post.

State what type of post that was. E.G. Introduction, Story, Poem

Explain why that was your first post.

Nominate 5 other bloggers.

This was my first post. It was a quick and simple hello. That simple, nothing fancy. I wasn’t even sure I’d continue posting at the time.

My first post with meat in it though was Lessons. This was a poem and article about cutting. What I thought might be a topic I discussed here on my blog. It’s evolved to telling my story, Lakota news, culture and heritage, Depression and mental illness, and more. More or less the things I find worth talking about.

I nominate anyone who wants to play along.