Wow more stupidity.

America was founded on the exceptional understanding that all just law must be based on “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

I guess the god you speak of, this same all good, all loving god enjoys murder, rape, lying, slavery, and theft. That is all this nation has done since it was founded and what these same “Christians” did for 100s of years before.

And, “that they (each human being) are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Unless they are not white or not Christian. Then they aren’t people so we can do what we like. After all it wasn’t until 1997 when this government made it legal to actually practice my own faith. That is within MY life time. I remember dad telling us we had to practice only in the house or on secluded property away from the eyes of the law.

See these same people believe god abandoned this country because of abortion, mixed race marriage or same sex marriage. But that same god stood by for genocide, rape, torture, slavery, all the lies and theft. They ignore the fact this same nation they claim god blesses used FORCED abortion and sterilization against the native peoples. But their god stuck around for that.

The mother’s so-called “right to choose,” is actually the legal sanction of the mass murder of unborn human beings.  Such a “right” actually deprives the unborn human being of his authentic right to life.

On this we agree but he conveniently forgets the mass murder and continued genocide against the native people this land was forcibly taken from. Such is the argument that is god dislikes abortion and would stop blessing america for it then it stands to reason god never and i mean NEVER, not once in it’s history has blessed this nation. The mass murder of the native people on a scale formerly imagined.

Marriage, for all of human history, has conformed to human nature, male and female, until now.

Wrong again. For 8,000 years before your Jesus came, 3,000 years before Abraham my people allowed marriage between any two human beings. So LONG before your book and the acknowledgement of your religion same sex marriage was recognized. It is actually an older institution than your bible, than the Torah and than the acknowledged date which Abraham supposedly lived.

So you are flatly wrong to say “all human history”. Oh wait you don’t see me as human that is right and that is how you justify the mass murder … errr… slaughter and thinning the herd of the native American animals.

Marriage, the fundamental unit of any culture, any time, any place, now does not conform to human nature in Western Civilization. That is because “gay” or homosexuality is a fundamental disorder in truth, and a mere sexual preference at the very least. Disorders and preferences are not what define human nature. Thus American law no longer conforms to human nature and is therefore fundamentally unjust. This places America with every other nation on Earth and in human history. Consequently, America cannot be considered exceptional any longer.

“Consequently, America cannot be considered exceptional any longer.”

It never was exceptional, never was godly, never was just, never was and never has been any of those things. If it truly was then slavery, genocide, rape, murder, theft, hatred, oppression, and lies wouldn’t be it’s legacy. But alas this is the legacy of the United States of America since the coming of Europeans.

It wasn’t always that way. We at one time WERE exceptional. A time when war was not bloody and violent. Prior to Europeans the natives of America could wage war for a decade and have 2 deaths total. We recognized every human as human and equal. Before Europeans we WERE exceptional. We lived at peace with each other and with nature. We lived a good life and this nation at that time WAS blessed by the creator.

Why? Simple, because we honored life and respected all life.

The only question now concerns whether the collapse of Western Civilization will be a long whimper of decades or centuries or a bang of economic catastrophe and social strife.

“Western civilization” was doomed before it got to America. It’s violent, warlike ways, it’s waste of the land and earth, it’s value for only life that is Christian and human. These doomed so called “western civilization” long before you were aware it was even started. To call that life “civilization” in and of itself is a farce. America and Europe are as far from civilized as one can get from it’s very beginning.

In many ways the “uncivilized savages” you slaughtered as animals were by far and away more civilized than western civilization is even by today’s standards. True equality and true freedoms of speech, religion and we truly recognized all life as valuable. Not just life that looked and believed like us.

One of these days people will stop saying such asinine things. God no matter who they see as god is at least one thing, consistent. If god doesn’t bless and cursed this nation over abortion as mass murder then god cursed this nation from the VERY start because of “mass murder”.

Be consistent in your dumb ass messages! Oh wait you are because your good Christian nation saw me and people like me as cattle in the same way they saw black people as cattle. The difference? They committed genocide on the native American animal, they enslaved the animals of darker skin. I keep forgetting that wasn’t murder since your “god” gave you animals to be rulers over.

Pathetic argument, so easily destroyed. You supposed god NEVER EVER blessed America. Not from the start, not from the pre-founding, and certainly not today either. You might believe he blesses you but even you can’t reasonably believe he blessed America EVER. By your own “mass murder” argument he never, ever blessed America.


As far as I am concerned we were far better off without your “western” civilization.