Some take pride in being or being like the lone wolf. They feel it’s a badge of honor. In reality it’s a badge of shame.

The lone wolf has either forgotten it’s pack, chosen to be alone, or has been exiled by the pack. All three are cause for shame.

The wolf who forgets it’s pack in pain or for whatever reason has cut itself off from it’s greatest source of strength. The lone wolf of this type will waste the packs resources searching for their lost wolf.

The wolf that chooses to be alone because of pride or any reason has forsaken it’s family. The family will search for this wolf as well. It will expend resources of time and energy in the same manner search for the lost wolf.

In both cases above the wolfs pack knows the strength is in unity and one of its own is missing. The pack will search until it finds it’s lost member. The pack knows that is grows together, lives together and dies together. As a whole the pack is stronger and better then any one wolf alone.

The third lone wolf has done something so terrible it has been removed from the pack.

Great shame is the lone wolfs companion. The lone wolf is truly different in that it can only rely upon its own strength. It fights alone, huts alone and dies alone. That is the shame of the lone wolf.


Be strong enough to stand alone.
Be smart enough to stand apart.
Be wise enough to stand together.

Such is the wolf for which you are named.”

~Grandpa Mato Sapa speaking to me the day I was named.